How to make health and safety notice board?

We would like to describe how to make health and safety board for your workplace. There are different shapes and approaches to this task. That mostly depend on carpenter skills and directions given by managers. Please see some images below. In this particular case, we will be building our board from ply and timber for building site. Our approach will be based on similar size board (1.5 m x 1.0 m) as RAMS board internal display area.

Typical materials and plant used to erect 1.5m x 1.0 m health and safety notice board:

Using circular saw, cut a sheet of ply to meet 1.5 m x 1.0 m measurements. Additional two side parts, approx. 300 mm, and bottom elements are cut from the rest of the same sheet of ply. Top roof protection has to be cut from second sheet of ply.

Supports are constructed from 2×4 timbers. 3m lengths of 2×4 are cut to 2m sections for vertical support. Use remaining 1m pieces as bottom horizontal “feet”. Cut third length of 2×4 into four braces to support bottom horizontal feet.

All elements now need to be assembled using screws or nails to create a final shape of one notice board. Finished board requires painting with primer and finish coat to extend usability.

To complete the above process, it approximately takes half shift of carpenter and one shift of labourer. Labourer first helps carpenter in the preparation and assembly and remaining second part of shift requires painting with two coats of paint.

Based on our experience, the ply timber last approximately six months in open weather condition before ply and timber start deteriorating. Following six months, the board needs maintenance and re-painting. If ply is rotten and split, the notice board ends up in a waste skip and a new board is built from scratch following similar process. The same material, labourer time and costs need to be used again.

To see is a cost and time efficient alternative, please visit our shop.