What are different types of notice boards?

Notice board in definition is a space on which we present information and notices to others.

There is a wide range of different notice boards. Let’s cover some of these below:

Fabric or cork notice board – usually used in offices, institutional or educational places. Mostly wall mounted to display information on piece of paper secured with pins. They need to be used indoors as exposure to weather conditions would destroy them in short period of time.

Whiteboard or glass board – most commonly used in educational places. Enable to write on them using whiteboard markers. Glass board can be provided in variety of colours. Great tool for teachers or during presentations to explain current needs.

If, by accident, permanent markers are used, they can be removed by using acetone or white spirit. As both acetone and white spirit are COSHH items, please read the labels and follow manufacturer recommendations and use appropriate PPE to avoid any harm.

Mobile notice board – the above fitted on stand, occasionally equipped with wheels. These can be easily moved from place to place as required.

Lockable cabinet – used in places where owner needs to display important information, and do not wish others to mess around with displayed documents.

Outdoor notice board – prepared to withstand weather conditions. Typical materials used by manufactures are aluminium, metal or timber and ply.

RAMS Board – wall mounted or freestanding. Always mobile, with anchorage points to meet wind load standards when required. Robust product, which can be used in every industry sector and every workplace. Ideal focal point that fits both indoor and outdoor location as it is made from UV stable high density poly ethylene. Available in variety of colours for theme specific information. RAMS Board is a platform tool to general as well as specific message. Ideal solution to reduces cost in long-term.