Can RAMS boards be wall mounted?

Yes, RAMS boards have been designed to be wall mounted. We understand that space can be a premium, specially at office environments. RAMS Boards offers a new focal solution to present information in every workplace environment. We supply modern, durable and portable information boards. Our World Class Product was designed to be flexible for the end user so it can be used as a Health and Safety notice board, ergonomic Personal Protective Equipment distribution point, process collection data point, briefing point and or more depending on customer needs.

Please follow the below installation process:

  1. Measure the distance between two slotted openings in top section of the board at the back.
  2. Transfer the distance to the wall at required position. To make sure the board is level we advise to use spirit level for checking.
  3. Please double check required height and level to avoid unnecessary work.
  4. Please drill fixings into the wall in required locations 
  5. Two operatives need to lift the board once fixings are installed and hung the Board on the wall. 

At RAMS Boards we do not provide wall fixings as we do not know integrity of the wall. And below information is only advisory.

We usually advice 4mm L shaped cupboard fixings similar to below images:

I hope this will help.

Should you have any other questions, or you wish to get a quote for RAMS Boards without supports please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]