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MACE Group: Redefining Excellence in Global Construction and Consultancy

Mace Group, commonly known as Mace, stands as a beacon of innovation and comprehensive expertise in the construction and consultancy sectors. With its headquarters nestled in the heart of London, UK, Mace transcends traditional construction services, offering an end-to-end approach that covers the entire property and infrastructure lifecycle. This article delves into the essence of Mace, highlighting its key business areas, value proposition, and the diverse clientele it serves.

MACE Group business overviewDetails
NameMace Group (Mace)
IndustryConstruction and Consultancy
HeadquartersLondon, UK
DescriptionA global company offering a comprehensive range of services across the entire property and infrastructure lifecycle, including new construction, management, and maintenance.
Key Business AreasConsultancy: Offers strategic advice and support at all stages, including project and program management, cost consultancy, and construction management.
Construction Delivery: Direct construction activities focusing on large-scale, complex projects in building construction and infrastructure development.
Facilities Management: Provides ongoing management and maintenance of properties and infrastructure, emphasizing lifecycle asset management and operations.
Mace Develop: Specializes in property development services for residential and mixed-use projects.
Value PropositionEnd-to-End Expertise: Integrated services throughout a project’s lifespan for efficiency and success.
Global Reach, Local Knowledge: Operates in over 70 countries, combining global expertise with local market insights.
Innovation and Technology: Committed to adopting new technologies and methods to enhance project delivery.
Sustainability Commitment: Dedicated to sustainable construction and asset management practices.
Target ClientsGovernments & Public Sector: Infrastructure projects in transport, utilities, etc.
Large Corporations and Developers: Commercial, industrial, and residential development.
Investors & Asset Owners: Developing, managing, and maintaining property portfolios.
Additional NotesPeople-Centric Approach: Focuses on investing in the workforce and fostering a collaborative culture.
Notable Projects: Includes iconic developments such as The Shard (London), The Venetian (Macau), and the London 2012 Olympics.
MACE Group business snapshoot

Unveiling Mace’s Diverse Service Portfolio

Mace’s operations are segmented into distinct yet interconnected areas, ensuring a full-service offering:

  • Consultancy: Mace provides strategic advice and support across all project stages, including project and program management, cost consultancy, and construction management, guiding clients from conception through completion.
  • Construction Delivery: Known for handling direct construction activities, Mace excels in building complex commercial, residential, and public structures, alongside significant infrastructure development projects in transport, energy, and utilities.
  • Facilities Management: Offering ongoing management and maintenance services, Mace ensures the longevity and efficiency of properties and infrastructure through lifecycle asset management and operations services.
  • Mace Develop: This division focuses on property development, specializing in residential and mixed-use projects, showcasing Mace’s versatility in transforming visions into reality.

Mace’s Value Proposition: A Comprehensive, Innovative Approach

Mace distinguishes itself through several core values:

  • End-to-End Expertise: Mace’s integrated services ensure project efficiency and success from inception to operation, reflecting a holistic approach to construction and consultancy.
  • Global Reach, Local Knowledge: Operating in over 70 countries, Mace combines international expertise with local market insights, tailoring solutions to specific client needs.
  • Innovation and Technology: Mace is at the forefront of incorporating new technologies and methods, enhancing project delivery and setting new industry standards.
  • Sustainability Commitment: A dedication to sustainable construction and management practices underlines Mace’s efforts to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Target Clients: Catering to a Wide Range of Needs

Mace’s comprehensive service offering caters to:

  • Governments & Public Sector: Delivering infrastructural projects that drive societal progress.
  • Large Corporations and Developers: Collaborating on commercial, industrial, and residential projects that shape communities.
  • Investors & Asset Owners: Providing bespoke services for developing, managing, and maintaining extensive property portfolios.

Cultivating Excellence: Mace’s People-Centric Approach

At the core of Mace’s operations is a commitment to its workforce and a culture of collaboration, which fuels innovation and excellence. The company’s notable projects, including The Shard in London, The Venetian in Macau, and contributions to the London 2012 Olympics, exemplify Mace’s ability to deliver iconic developments on a global stage.

Mace Group Enhances Project Efficiency and Safety with RAMS boards Adoption

Mace Group, a leading global entity in the construction and consultancy sector, headquartered in London, UK, has taken a significant step forward in its commitment to enhancing workplace safety and project communication through the adoption of RAMS boards. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Mace’s comprehensive approach across the entire property and infrastructure lifecycle, ensuring projects from new buildings to infrastructure management embody efficiency and safety from inception to completion.

Strategic Implementation Across Diverse Projects

The integration of RAMS boards into Mace’s projects represents a proactive approach to adopting new technologies and methods, a core aspect of the company’s value proposition. Among the notable projects benefiting from this implementation are:

  • THFC – Lilywhite House, Tottenham: Situated at the heart of Tottenham, the 4th floor of Lilywhite House has seen enhanced safety and streamlined project management through the use of RAMS boards, ensuring critical safety information and updates are easily accessible.
  • 21 Moorfields, London: This project in the bustling heart of London utilizes RAMS boards to facilitate efficient dissemination of updates and critical project information, keeping all stakeholders informed and aligned.
  • Portan, Clonee County Meath, Ireland: Demonstrating Mace’s global reach and local knowledge, the project in Clonee County Meath benefits from the strategic use of RAMS boards, contributing to the site’s overall safety and operational efficiency.

Key Benefits of RAMS boards in Mace Group Projects

The adoption of RAMS boards across Mace Group projects brings several key advantages, underscoring the company’s commitment to innovation, technology, and sustainability:

Key BenefitImpact on Mace Group ProjectsExplanation
Enhanced Safety AwarenessReduction in workplace incidentsCentralizing safety information on RAMS boards ensures all personnel are aware of safety protocols, reducing accidents and enhancing compliance with health and safety regulations.
Improved Project CommunicationEnhanced stakeholder alignmentRAMS boards serve as a central point for sharing project updates and critical information, ensuring that all stakeholders, from team members to management, are informed and aligned, improving project coordination.
Support for Sustainable PracticesEco-friendly site managementBy minimizing the need for printed materials, RAMS boards contribute to Mace’s sustainability goals, reducing paper waste and promoting digital forms of communication.
Streamlined Compliance DocumentationSimplified access to compliance and legal documentsRAMS boards provide an organized space for displaying necessary compliance documents, making it easier for projects to meet legal requirements and for audits to be conducted efficiently.
Facilitated Safety MeetingsImproved effectiveness of safety meetingsWith important safety information and updates readily accessible, RAMS boards make safety meetings more informative and engaging, fostering a culture of safety within the project.
Increased Worker EngagementEncouragement of active participation in safety cultureThe visibility and accessibility of RAMS boards encourage workers to engage actively with safety practices, contributing to a stronger and more informed safety culture across Mace Group projects.
MACE Group long-term benefits while using RAMS boards

Aligning with Mace’s Core Values

health safety board rams angle
health safety board rams angle

The integration of RAMS boards into Mace’s project management practices reflects the company’s end-to-end expertise and its dedication to sustainable construction and asset management. By leveraging global insights and adopting innovative solutions like RAMS boards, Mace not only enhances its project delivery but also reinforces its role as a leader in the construction and consultancy industry.


Mace Group’s strategic adoption of RAMS boards across its diverse range of projects exemplifies the company’s commitment to operational excellence, safety, and sustainability. As Mace continues to pave the way in global construction and consultancy services, its proactive approach to incorporating new technologies and methods, such as RAMS boards, sets a benchmark for the industry, ensuring long-term success and efficiency in all its endeavors. We at RAMS boards are excited to support Mace Group in enhancing the safety and efficiency of their construction sites. Securing a RAMS Board for a Mace Group project is straightforward and streamlined; it simply involves the project’s Quantity Surveyor (QS) sending a purchase order (PO) to [email protected]. This efficient process guarantees that RAMS boards, crucial for upholding site safety and facilitating effective information dissemination, are readily accessible for Mace Group’s diverse range of projects.