Site hazard boards

Many believe risk assessment and hazard identification is quite boring subject and has nothing to do with reality in real world. Some also believe it is all about documenting risk assessment form proving that risk […]

Can RAMS boards be wall mounted?

Yes, RAMS boards have been designed to be wall mounted. We understand that space can be a premium, specially at office environments. RAMS Boards offers a new focal solution to present information in every workplace […]

Temporary works calculations

To ensure safety use of RAMS boards we have performed temporary works calculations for our Smart Health & Safety and Notice Boards. The file with calculations is available to download below. Now you can be […]

Which RAMS Board to choose?

Workplace Safety – Approx. 65% of our clients order Workplace Safety version of RAMS Board, aka Construction Site Set Up. It is convenient for clients, as all necessary accessories are delivered in one flat pack […]

What are different types of notice boards?

Notice board in definition is a space on which we present information and notices to others. There is a wide range of different notice boards. Let’s cover some of these below: Fabric or cork notice […]

How much does it cost to build H&S notice boards.

The Client cost for 1500 mm x 1000 mm display area notice board is approx. £537.00. Those costs may vary depending on a size and complexity of made board. Timber and ply notice boards can […]

How to make health and safety notice board?

We would like to describe how to make health and safety board for your workplace. There are different shapes and approaches to this task. That mostly depend on carpenter skills and directions given by managers. […]

What is RAMS board?

RAMS – Risk Assessment and Method Statement, it is an abbreviation used in Industry for a legal document at workplaces. The document must explain methodology of the task to be performed and associated risks and […]