What is RAMS board?

RAMS – Risk Assessment and Method Statement, it is an abbreviation used in Industry for a legal document at workplaces. The document must explain methodology of the task to be performed and associated risks and hazards. RA (Risk assessment) part of the document presents how employer minimise risk to ALARP (As Low As Reasonable Practicable) level. Written document should be briefed to all personnel involved. For legal purpose it highly advisable to have signed confirmation from personnel that RAMS has been briefed and understood by personnel.

RAMS Board – is a modular, re-usable, focal information and notice board used in Industry to standardise notice boards used currently.

The RAMS board consists of three structural elements; board and two supports. The board itself can be used as a wall-mounted unit. When assembled with supports, it can be used as a free-standing unit.

Main element of Rams Boards weighs 37 kg. This enables easy placement at the designated place by two operatives, under current HSE guidance for manual handling, without any special risk assessment made for this operation.

The key concept during design of RAMS boards was to create a product that will change the image of information delivered at workplaces. The company aim was to use standard shape of the object, which with time, will instinctively recall to mind the health and safety and items that can be found on the RAMS boards.

Concept targets

  1. Object that will attract operatives’ attention and become a reflex action with time
  2. Unique shape which will be accepted across Industry
  3. Clear segregation of information on the board
  4. Flexibility to end user, as different workplaces have different needs
  5. Possibility of using RAMS boards as a multipurpose H&S station with all aspects required by law
  6. Protection of the message and documents placed on the board
  7. Environmentally friendly product – materials used during manufacturing process can be easily recycled
  8. Ease of transportation from one place to another
  9. Low maintenance and extended durability  

Our world class product is environmentally friendly. The RAMS Board is fully recyclable. Recycling is reducing carbon footprint which is highly desired by industries all over the world. On top of that RAMS boards are re-usable, that means they can be easily relocated to new area, when required. This feature reduces overall cost and benefits end user even more in long term.

We hope that by the time you finish reading this text, these concept targets will be engrained in your consciousness. We hope that your decisions to buy RAMS boards will take on a quality and depth that give you and your business a serious competitive edge.

Check our notice boards in shop, where you can find a suitable solution for each environment. If you anyway require some amendments to meet your criteria, ask our team. We are always keen to deliver the perfect result for you.