RAMS boards on Construction Site

RAMS boards on AirPorts

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Why RAMS board is smart and superior?

Make noticeable change to Safety Culture at your workplace.

Easy to transport, assembly and clean

Designed for re-use. Flat pack delivery . Assembling is extremely simple: 2 man and 30 Minutes. Easy to clean with jet wash.

Effective Message Carrier also outdoors

Highly visual on every workplace. Big yellow object that stands out, carrying your messages, PPE and everything you wish to mount on it with simple screws.

H&S, RAMS and Corporate Informations

White Board for prompt, easy to update informations such as current hazards. Transparent holders protect and display important documents.

RAMS board is recyclable and reusable

By eliminating one-off timber/plywood boards and replacing them with recyclable, durable RAMS boards, you save trees and minimise waste.

Why you want to use
RAMS Board in your workplace?

Make noticeable change to Safety Culture at your workplace.

Be compliant in 30 minutes

H&S & RAMS documents carrier PPE distribution point First Aid, Fire or AED point LEAN Manufacturing, 5S Board Lockout, Tagout station Tally board

Modular, Weatherproof Board

RAMS Boards are made of UV stable, durable HDPE, Document Holders – Polycarbonate. You can weigh down the board, filling 2 supports with water or anchor it, complying with “Wind Action” standard EN 1991-1-4:2005.

Attractive with highly visible focal point

Transparent A4 size weather proof pockets and magnetic White Board allow convenient display and update of information in every environment.

Save Time & Money

Reusable and easy to clean. Assembly in 30 minutes, dismantling for transport- approx. 5 minutes. Price is comparable to the one off, timber/plywood boards.