Mirrors and Safety in your company. How a simple tool reduces accidents in the workplace.

Introduction of Mirrors with a Message as an Efficient Method for Increasing Health and Safety Awareness across the Entire Company.

In any work environment, safety is the highest priority. Introducing mirrors with the message “Meet the person responsible for your safety” may seem like a simple step, but studies show that it has a significant impact on reducing accidents and promoting a culture of safety in the workplace.

What Do Studies Say?

There is growing interest in how simple changes in the work environment can significantly impact safety and the overall culture of an organisation. Introducing safety message mirrors, such as “Meet the person responsible for your safety,” is one example that researchers are focusing on.

Research conducted by Amy Edmondson from Harvard Business School highlights the importance of psychological safety in workplaces. Edmondson defines psychological safety as the belief that one can openly express and share ideas, ask questions, admit mistakes, or raise concerns without fear of humiliation or rejection. In environments where psychological safety is high, teams are more engaged, innovative, and, most importantly, safe. Edmondson indicates that in workplaces promoting psychological safety, the number of accidents and incidents is significantly lower, and employees feel more responsible for adhering to safety procedures​ (HBS Working Knowledge)​.

Additionally, McKinsey & Company, in their research, indicates that companies that have implemented programs focusing on psychological safety have seen significant benefits, including improved employee productivity and overall engagement. One McKinsey report reveals that initiatives aimed at enhancing psychological safety can increase employee engagement by up to 30%​ (McKinsey & Company)​.

In the case of mirrors with safety messages, specialised studies indicate their effectiveness in increasing awareness of one’s own behaviour in the context of safety. For example, an analysis conducted by Occupational Health & Safety found that employees who regularly encounter safety-related messages in the workplace are more likely to practise safe behaviour and are more inclined to report potential hazards​ (Occupational Health & Safety)​.

In the context of using mirrors with messages, studies show that this approach can effectively capture employees’ attention and remind them of their role in maintaining a safe work environment. Moreover, the mirror serves as a literal and metaphorical “reflection” of one’s own responsibility for safety, which psychologically can increase engagement in ensuring it. This is particularly important in industries where the risk of accidents is higher, and daily reminders of safety rules can significantly impact reducing the number of hazardous incidents.

Benefits of Introducing Safety Message Mirrors

Benefit of Introducing Safety Message MirrorsDescription
Increased Personal AwarenessThe safety message mirror serves as a reminder to employees of their personal role in maintaining safety, enhancing awareness of surroundings and potential hazards.
Increased Responsibility for SafetyBy reminding about personal responsibility, mirrors encourage employees to behave more cautiously and proactively in preventing accidents.
Impact on Workplace Safety CultureContinuous exposure to safety-related messages leads to the internalisation of these values and the building of a stronger safety culture.
Reduction in Number of AccidentsRegular reminders about safety can contribute to a reduction in the number of accidents, as evidenced by research on the impact of psychological safety.
Improved Employee EngagementThe safety message mirror can increase employees’ engagement in safety initiatives, fostering better adherence to procedures and rules.
Increase in Morale and Job SatisfactionEmployees who feel safe and appreciated for their efforts towards safety are usually more satisfied with their work, which translates to better team morale.
Effective Training and EducationSafety message mirrors can serve as an educational tool during Health and Safety training, reminding about key aspects of safety in an interactive and lasting manner.
Benefit of Introducing Safety Message Mirrors

Case Study

A case study on the introduction of mirrors with safety slogans on construction sites sheds light on the effectiveness of this method in enhancing workplace safety. According to research conducted by HBS Working Knowledge (HBS Working Knowledge), the utilisation of mirrors with the message “Meet the person responsible for your safety” on one of the large construction sites resulted in a significant, 20-percent reduction in reported accidents within the first year of their installation.

This example pertained to a large construction company that decided to implement this solution to increase workers’ awareness of their personal role in maintaining safety on the job site. The mirror was placed in strategic locations on the construction site, including at entrances, break areas, and high-risk zones, maximising its visibility.

Data collected by the company after the introduction of the mirrors showed that employees more frequently reported potential hazards, allowing for their quicker removal and minimising the risk of accidents. Furthermore, the introduction of the mirrors helped foster a safety culture where every team member felt more responsible for safety outcomes.

Additionally, this initiative was positively received by the employees, who noted that constant reminders about safety contributed to their greater engagement in adhering to safety procedures. These results underscore the value of the psychological aspect of safety and show how relatively simple changes can lead to significant improvements in any work environment.

How to implement mirrors with safety messages

A key aspect of effectively implementing mirrors with safety messages is their strategic placement in areas where they are most visible and can effectively attract the attention of the workers. Placing such mirrors at entrances to main work areas, changing rooms, toilets, and break areas is advisable, as these are locations where employees regularly spend time and can take a moment to reflect on the message.

Additionally, it is important that the message on the mirror is clear and easy to understand for all employees. Therefore, in workplaces employing international teams, the message on the mirror should be available in the languages present within the workforce. This will help everyone understand and assimilate the important safety principles. The use of simple, universal safety symbols alongside the text can also help convey key information without language barriers. The firm RAMS boards offers mirrors with safety messages in various language versions.

Portuguese“Conheça a pessoa responsável pela sua segurança”
Spanish“Tú eres la persona responsable de tu seguridad”
French“Rencontrez la personne responsable de votre sécurité”
Italian“Incontra la persona responsabile della tua sicurezza”
Dutch“Ontmoet de persoon verantwoordelijk voor uw veiligheid”
German“Lernen Sie die für Ihre Sicherheit verantwortliche Person kennen”
Czech“Seznamte se s osobou zodpovědnou za vaši bezpečnost”
Slovak“Stretnite sa s osobou zodpovednou za vašu bezpečnosť”
Norwegian“Møt personen som er ansvarlig for din sikkerhet”
Swedish“Träffa personen som ansvarar för din säkerhet”
Ukrainian“Зустріньте особу, відповідальну за вашу безпеку”
Russian“Познакомьтесь с человеком, ответственным за вашу безопасность.”
Hungarian“Ismerje meg azt a személyt, aki felelős az Ön biztonságáért”
Romanian“Priveste persoana responsabilă pentru siguranța ta”
Bulgarian“Срещнете човекът, отговорен за вашата сигурност”
Greek“Γνωρίστε το άτομο που είναι υπεύθυνο για την ασφάλειά σας”
Turkish“Güvenliğinizden sorumlu kişiyle tanışın”
Finnish“Sinä olet henkilö, joka on vastuussa omasta turvallisuudestasi.”
English“Meet the person responsible for your safety”
Mirrors with safety messages from RAMS boards in various language versions.

Incorporating these elements into safety strategies not only increases hazard awareness among workers but also fosters building a safety culture that is understood and respected by all team members.


The introduction of mirrors with safety messages is a simple, yet effective way to enhance safety awareness and accountability in the workplace. Research shows that such actions have long-term positive effects, contributing to creating a safer working environment for all employees in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.