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Willmott Dixon: Pioneering Sustainable Construction and Community Development

Willmott Dixon, with its roots tracing back to 1852, stands today as a beacon of sustainability, innovation, and community-focused development in the construction industry. Based in Letchworth Garden City, UK, this privately-owned construction giant has carved out a niche for itself by delivering projects that not only stand the test of time but also contribute positively to the environment and communities they serve.

Willmott Dixon OverviewDetail
NameWillmott Dixon
IndustryConstruction, Development, and Support Services
HeadquartersLetchworth Garden City, UK
DescriptionA privately-owned construction giant founded in 1852, known for its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community development.
Key Areas of ExpertiseConstruction: Delivers schools, hospitals, residential complexes, commercial spaces, and landmarks.
Housing: Significant role in UK housing development and regeneration.
Support Services: Facilities management, repairs, maintenance, and energy services.
Development: Development of master plans and area regeneration.
Interiors: Interior fit-out and refurbishment.
What Makes Willmott Dixon Stand OutSustainability Leadership: Commitment to reducing carbon emissions and construction waste.
Focus on People: Investment in employee well-being and a collaborative culture.
Community-Centric: Partnership with communities for long-term benefits.
Innovation Driven: Use of technology to improve processes and efficiency.
Who They Work WithPublic Sector: Government agencies, local authorities, and educational institutions.
Private Corporations: Clients across various industries.
Housing Associations & Developers: Collaboration on residential and regeneration projects.
More About Willmott DixonSocial Value Focus: Aiming for a positive impact on communities.
Awards and Recognition: Numerous awards for sustainability and construction excellence.
Willmott Dixon Overview

A Diverse Portfolio Reflecting Excellence

Willmott Dixon’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of the construction sector:

  • Construction: Specializing in educational, healthcare, residential, and commercial projects, along with iconic landmarks.
  • Housing: Playing a crucial role in the UK’s housing development, focusing on creating new homes and regenerating neighborhoods.
  • Support Services: Providing comprehensive facilities management, repairs, maintenance, and energy services.
  • Development: Taking projects from mere constructions to holistic community development.
  • Interiors: Offering tailored interior fit-out and refurbishment services across various building types.

Driving Sustainable and People-Centric Practices

What sets Willmott Dixon apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability, people, and community:

  • Sustainability Leadership: The company’s dedication to reducing carbon emissions and construction waste highlights its role as an environmental steward in the construction sector.
  • Focus on People: By prioritizing employee well-being and cultivating a collaborative work environment, Willmott Dixon ensures its teams are motivated and aligned with the company’s values.
  • Community-Centric Approach: Their projects are designed with the community in mind, ensuring that each venture brings long-term benefits to the local area.
  • Innovation Driven: Embracing cutting-edge technology and methodologies, Willmott Dixon continually seeks ways to enhance construction processes and efficiency.

Collaborative Partnerships for Holistic Development

Willmott Dixon’s client base is as diverse as its service offering, encompassing:

  • Public Sector: Partnering with government agencies, local authorities, and educational institutions to deliver infrastructure that meets public needs.
  • Private Corporations: Constructing state-of-the-art facilities across various industries.
  • Housing Associations & Developers: Working on residential projects that breathe new life into communities.

Willmott Dixon Elevates Construction Site Safety and Communication with RAMS boards Collaboration

Willmott Dixon, a UK-based construction leader known for its innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, has further solidified its reputation by partnering with RAMS boards to enhance safety and efficiency across its projects. This collaboration represents a convergence of shared values and dedication to improving construction practices.

Transforming Project Sites Across the UK

health safety board rams angle
health safety board rams angle

The cooperation between Willmott Dixon and RAMS boards has brought about significant improvements in various projects, demonstrating the versatility and impact of this partnership:

  • University Of Chichester, Bishop Otter Campus: Enhanced safety protocols and streamlined communication for an educational institution’s expansion.
  • Site Cabins, Xcel Centre, Walton on Thames, Surrey: Improved site operations with efficient information dissemination in a busy construction environment.
  • Birmingham City University, City Centre Campus: Facilitated a collaborative construction process for a significant educational development.
  • Cheltenham Cemetery & Crematorium: Supported sensitive construction work with heightened safety measures and clear communication.
  • Broadgreen Hospital NHS Trust, Liverpool: Upgraded safety and project communication in healthcare construction, ensuring minimal disruption and maximized safety.
  • Frankland Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire: Delivered a residential project with enhanced site safety and operational efficiency.
  • Hurst Lane, Auckley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire: Improved site management and safety in a residential area, emphasizing community and worker well-being.
  • Hawks Road, Gateshead: Ensured effective communication and safety management in an infrastructure project, enhancing overall project delivery.

Key Benefits of the Willmott Dixon and RAMS boards Partnership

The synergy between Willmott Dixon’s construction expertise and RAMS boards’ innovative safety solutions offers numerous benefits:

Benefit of PartnershipImpact on Willmott Dixon ProjectsExplanation
Enhanced Safety AwarenessSignificant reduction in workplace incidentsRAMS boards centralize essential safety information and protocols on site, making it readily accessible to all personnel. This visibility helps to significantly reduce accidents and ensures stringent adherence to health and safety regulations.
Improved Project CommunicationStreamlined sharing of updates and informationBy providing a common point for posting updates and critical project information, RAMS boards ensure that all stakeholders, from site workers to project managers, remain well-informed and cohesive, enhancing overall project coordination.
Support for Sustainable PracticesEco-friendly site managementIn line with Willmott Dixon’s commitment to environmental stewardship, RAMS boards minimize the need for printed materials, thus contributing to waste reduction and promoting sustainable site management practices.
Increased Efficiency and ProductivityMore streamlined project executionThe clear and accessible presentation of information via RAMS boards helps in minimizing misunderstandings and delays, leading to more efficient project execution and higher productivity levels.
Enhanced Compliance and Quality ControlEasier compliance tracking and quality assuranceRAMS boards facilitate the display of compliance documents and quality standards, making it easier for project teams to adhere to regulatory requirements and maintain high-quality work standards.
Fostered Culture of Safety and ResponsibilityStrengthened safety culture across sitesThe visibility of safety protocols and the continuous emphasis on safety awareness through RAMS boards foster a culture of safety and responsibility among all personnel, contributing to a safer work environment.
Increased Stakeholder EngagementEnhanced engagement from all project partiesThe centralized communication provided by RAMS boards encourages more active participation and engagement from stakeholders, fostering a more collaborative and inclusive project environment.
Willmott Dixon benefits of partnership with RAMS boards

A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

evacuation mode
evacuation mode

Willmott Dixon’s adoption of RAMS boards across its projects underscores the company’s dedication to not only maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency but also to pioneering sustainable and innovative construction practices. This partnership exemplifies how combining traditional construction expertise with modern safety innovations can lead to superior project outcomes.


Willmott Dixon’s collaboration with RAMS boards is a testament to the construction giant’s ongoing pursuit of excellence in project delivery, safety, and sustainability. By integrating RAMS boards into its wide array of projects, Willmott Dixon is setting new standards in the construction industry, ensuring that projects are not only delivered with utmost efficiency but also with a profound commitment to the well-being of its workforce and the communities it serves. This partnership is a beacon of progress, showcasing how innovation and safety can go hand in hand to redefine the future of construction.

At RAMS boards, we’re delighted to announce our collaboration with Willmott Dixon, facilitating the streamlined acquisition of essential safety equipment for their construction sites. Obtaining a RAMS Board for a Willmott Dixon project is both straightforward and efficient; it simply involves the project’s Quantity Surveyor (QS) sending a purchase order (PO) to [email protected]. This smooth process guarantees that our RAMS boards, crucial for upholding site safety and enhancing communication, are readily available for Willmott Dixon’s diverse range of projects.