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Discovering Morrisroe Group: A Pillar of the UK Construction Industry

Morrisroe Group is a specialist contractor making waves in the high-end UK construction market. Founded in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, the company is known for its engineering prowess, tackling large-scale and complex projects across various sectors. Their focus? Delivering quality, precision, and innovative solutions in the construction and engineering industry.

A J Morrisroe & Sons Ltd OverviewDetails
NameMorrisroe Group
IndustryConstruction & Engineering
HeadquartersBorehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK
DescriptionSpecialist contractor in the high-end UK construction market with a strong engineering focus, handling large-scale, complex projects across various sectors.
Key Business AreasDemolition: Structural dismantling, site clearance, and remediation.
Structures: Concrete frames, foundations, and structural elements.
Piling: Foundation and ground stabilization systems.
Joinery and Carpentry: Bespoke joinery solutions.
Post-Tensioning: Strengthening concrete structures.
Additional DivisionsPlant Hire: In-house plant and machinery hire.
Haulage: Transport and logistics solutions.
Business ApproachIntegrated Model: In-house multi-disciplinary services for project control and efficiency.
Collaboration: Partnerships with clients from design to build.
Focus on Sustainability: Commitment to low-carbon solutions and minimizing environmental impact.
Target ClientsCommercial Developers: Office buildings, mixed-use developments, cultural spaces.
Public Sector: Government projects, infrastructure works.
Industrial Clients: Industrial, power, or energy sectors.
Other Contractors: Partnership for specialized capabilities.
Additional NotesEngineer-Led: Engineering expertise for bespoke, technically challenging solutions.
A J Morrisroe & Sons Ltd Company Overview

Core Services of Morrisroe Group

Morrisroe Group’s services are extensive, catering to a wide range of construction needs:

  • Demolition Services: From structural dismantling to site clearance and remediation, they ensure a clean slate for new constructions.
  • Structures: Their expertise shines in constructing concrete frames, foundations, and essential structural elements for diverse projects.
  • Piling: The firm installs a variety of piling systems, ensuring the foundations are solid and ground stabilization is achieved.
  • Joinery and Carpentry: With bespoke joinery solutions, Morrisroe Group enhances the aesthetic and functional aspects of their projects.
  • Post-Tensioning: They’re adept at designing and installing systems that strengthen concrete structures, showcasing their engineering edge.

Beyond Construction: Additional Divisions

  • Plant Hire: They offer in-house plant and machinery hire, showcasing their self-sufficient approach to project management.
  • Haulage: Morrisroe Group also provides transport and logistics solutions, ensuring seamless project execution.

A Unique Business Approach

Morrisroe Group stands out for its integrated service model, offering multi-disciplinary services in-house, which streamlines projects and enhances efficiency. Collaboration is key for them, working closely with clients from the design phase to construction, ensuring visions are transformed into reality. Their commitment to sustainability and low-carbon solutions further cements their status as a forward-thinking player in the industry.

Who Benefits from Morrisroe Group’s Expertise?

Their target client base is as diverse as their services:

  • Commercial Developers: Engaging in projects like office buildings, mixed-use developments, and cultural spaces.
  • Public Sector: Participating in government projects and infrastructure works.
  • Industrial Clients: Catering to the industrial, power, and energy sectors.
  • Other Contractors: Their specialized capabilities make them an ideal partner for large-scale contractors.

What Sets Morrisroe Group Apart?

At the heart of Morrisroe Group’s success is their engineer-led approach, providing bespoke, technically challenging solutions that set them apart in the construction and engineering sectors. Their commitment to excellence, sustainability, and safety makes them not just a service provider but a true partner in construction. In a nutshell, Morrisroe Group is a beacon of engineering excellence and innovation in the UK construction market, building the future on a foundation of expertise, collaboration, and sustainable practices.

Revolutionizing Construction Sites: The Synergy of RAMS boards and Morrisroe Group

In the dynamic sphere of the construction and engineering industry, efficiency, safety, and sustainability are paramount. A standout development in this realm has been the adoption of RAMS boards by Morrisroe Group, a leading specialist contractor known for its engineering excellence and innovative project solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing site operations and safety standards across the UK.

health safety board rams angle
health safety board rams angle

The Pioneering Morrisroe Group

Morrisroe Group, headquartered in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, operates within the high-end UK construction market, handling complex and large-scale projects across various sectors. Their services span demolition, structural construction, piling, joinery, carpentry, and post-tensioning systems, driven by an integrated business model that emphasizes in-house service delivery, collaboration with clients, and a strong focus on sustainability.

RAMS boards: A Game Changer in Site Safety

RAMS boards have emerged as an innovative solution for site management, particularly in promoting health and safety communications. These modular information boards are designed to be highly visible and durable, making them ideal for disseminating essential safety information, project updates, and compliance documents across construction sites.

The Integration of RAMS boards on Morrisroe Projects

Morrisroe Group’s commitment to excellence and safety has led to the integration of RAMS boards across various prestigious projects, including:

Project LocationDescription
Greenwich Peninsula, Gateway PavilionA landmark project showcasing the effectiveness of RAMS boards in high-profile, urban construction environments.
1 Rake Way, BirminghamDemonstrating the versatility of RAMS boards in enhancing site safety and information dissemination in complex construction settings.
Station Road Industrial Estate, AmpthillA testament to the durability and utility of RAMS boards in diverse operational conditions.
Centre House, Wood Lane, White City, LondonHighlighting the adaptability of RAMS boards in urban redevelopment projects.
2 Finsbury Avenue, LondonShowcasing the role of RAMS boards in central London’s bustling construction scene, enhancing safety and project communication.
Selection of A J Morrisroe & Sons Ltd using RAMS boards

The Benefits of RAMS boards in Morrisroe Group Operations

The adoption of RAMS boards by Morrisroe Group has yielded numerous benefits, enhancing not only safety but also operational efficiency:

  • Enhanced Safety Communication: RAMS boards ensure critical safety information is accessible to all site personnel, fostering a safety-first culture.
  • Operational Efficiency: The ease of updating and maintaining RAMS boards supports Morrisroe’s integrated model by streamlining project communication.
  • Sustainability and Durability: Aligned with Morrisroe’s sustainability goals, RAMS boards are made from recycled materials, offering long-term durability without the environmental impact.
  • Visibility and Accessibility: Their conspicuous presence ensures that safety messages and compliance documents are readily accessible, enhancing site safety and compliance.


The strategic integration of RAMS boards into Morrisroe Group’s operations is a reflection of the construction industry’s evolving dynamics, where efficiency, safety, and sustainability are interlinked. This partnership not only highlights Morrisroe Group’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of project management and safety but also showcases the innovative potential of RAMS boards in transforming construction site operations. As the industry moves forward, the synergy between cutting-edge solutions like RAMS boards and industry leaders like Morrisroe Group will undoubtedly set new benchmarks for excellence and innovation in construction. We at RAMS boards are delighted to serve as a trusted supplier for Morrisroe Group, facilitating the streamlined procurement of crucial safety equipment for construction sites. To acquire a RAMS board for a Morrisroe Group project is both straightforward and efficient, necessitating only that the Quantity Surveyor (QS) forwards a purchase order (PO) to [email protected]. This effortless procedure guarantees that our RAMS boards, indispensable for upholding site safety and enhancing information dissemination, remain readily available for Morrisroe Group’s diverse array of projects.