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Anglian Water and RAMS boards Transform Project Sites in Pioneering Collaboration

Anglian Water, the largest water and water recycling company by geographic area in England and Wales, plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of over six million customers across the east of England and Hartlepool. Known for its extensive reach and unwavering commitment to quality, Anglian Water is at the forefront of providing essential water services while emphasizing environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Core Business Functions

At its core, Anglian Water is dedicated to two principal functions:

Anglian Water Core FunctionDescription
Water SupplyAnglian Water provides clean and safe drinking water, covering all aspects from water sourcing and treatment to distribution. This service is vital for millions of homes, ensuring access to a fundamental necessity through a sophisticated network.
Wastewater RecyclingThe company is responsible for the collection and treatment of wastewater. This crucial process protects the environment from contamination, safeguards public health, and ensures the cleanliness of waterways.
Environmental FocusDemonstrating a profound commitment to the planet, Anglian Water endeavors to reduce its carbon footprint, protect water resources, and enhance biodiversity. This approach establishes the company as a leader in sustainability within the utility sector.
Anglian Water core functions

Business Model and Customer Service

Operating within a regulated monopoly framework, Anglian Water combines stability with exceptional service. Its business model is characterized by:

Business AspectDescription
Investment in InfrastructureAnglian Water invests a significant portion of its revenue into the enhancement and maintenance of crucial infrastructure. This investment ensures the reliability and efficiency of its services.
Customer SatisfactionThe company prioritizes customer satisfaction, implementing measures that go beyond standard practices. This includes offering a comprehensive range of online resources and support services.
Community EngagementAnglian Water collaborates with local entities to promote environmental conservation and responsible water use across the community, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.
Anglian Water Business Model

In an era where sustainability and safety are paramount, the collaboration between Anglian Water and RAMS boards marks a significant step forward in environmental and workplace safety standards across the UK. Anglian Water, renowned for its commitment to sustainable water management, has adopted RAMS boards across various project sites, illustrating an innovative approach to enhancing site safety and information dissemination. This strategic partnership highlights both organizations’ dedication to operational excellence and environmental stewardship.

Revolutionizing Site Safety and Information Sharing

RAMS boards have become an integral part of Anglian Water’s project infrastructure at key sites, including:

Anglian Water Project SiteLocation
Retford WTWOrdsall Road, Retford
Eriswell WTWOff A1065, Brandon Road, Eriswell, Cambridgeshire
Old Buckenham WTWAbbey Road, Old Buckenham, Norfolk
Chalton STWToddington Road, Chalton, Bedfordshire
Broadholme WRCDitchford Lane, Wellingborough
Pyewipe Site OfficeMoody Lane, Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Heigham WorksWaterworks Road, Norwich, Norfolk
Ingoldisthorpe WRCChurch Lane, Ingoldisthorpe, Norfolk
Gt Wratting WTW (Non Infra)Haverhill Road, Haverhill, Kedington, Great Wratting, Suffolk
Alconbury Growth Full DevelopmentHuntingdon, Cambridgeshire
Etton CompoundWoodcroft Road, Peterborough
Anglian Water Projects using RAMS boards

This strategic implementation showcases a commitment to not only maintaining high standards of health and safety but also to promoting a culture of informed and aware workforce.

The Role of RAMS boards in Enhancing Safety

RAMS boards offer a dynamic and effective way to communicate crucial health, safety, and environmental information. By providing a centralized point for safety notices, method statements, and risk assessments, these boards ensure that all personnel on site are well-informed about the latest safety protocols and environmental policies. The use of RAMS boards across Anglian Water’s projects underlines the utility giant’s proactive approach to safeguarding its workforce and minimizing environmental impact.

Sustainable Practices and Community Engagement

The collaboration between Anglian Water and RAMS boards extends beyond safety; it is a testament to their shared values of sustainability and community engagement. By utilizing RAMS boards, made from eco-friendly materials and designed for durability and longevity, Anglian Water reinforces its dedication to sustainable operational practices. Moreover, this partnership facilitates greater community involvement, enabling a transparent and open dialogue regarding site safety measures and environmental conservation efforts.


The cooperation between Anglian Water and RAMS boards on various project sites across the UK is a shining example of how strategic partnerships can enhance workplace safety, promote environmental sustainability, and engage communities. As both organizations continue to set new standards in their respective fields, their collaboration serves as a blueprint for future projects, ensuring that safety and sustainability remain at the forefront of operational excellence. RAMS boards are delighted to serve as a direct supplier for Anglian Water, enhancing the procurement of essential safety equipment for their varied construction sites. Ensuring that an Anglian Water site is equipped with a RAMS board is a straightforward and efficient process, necessitating only that the Quantity Surveyor (QS) issues a purchase order (PO) to [email protected]. This streamlined approach guarantees the ready availability of RAMS boards, which are crucial for upholding site safety and facilitating the flow of information across Anglian Water’s diverse projects.