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STRABAG SE: Pioneering the Future of Global Construction and Infrastructure

STRABAG SE, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the construction and infrastructure development industry. With a storied history dating back to 1835, STRABAG has evolved into a major player on the European stage with a significant global footprint. The company is renowned for its comprehensive expertise spanning the entire construction value chain, adeptly handling projects of every scale and complexity.

STRABAG SE OverviewInformation
IndustryConstruction and Infrastructure Development
HeadquartersVienna, Austria
DescriptionA major European-based construction company with global reach, offering comprehensive expertise across the entire construction value chain for projects of all sizes and complexity.
Key Business Areas– Building Construction & Civil Engineering: Includes residential/commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, etc.
– Transportation Infrastructures: Road networks, railways, airports, and associated facilities.
– Tunneling: Specialized in tunnel construction.
– Environmental Engineering: Sustainable solutions for waste management, water treatment, contaminated site remediation, and renewable energy infrastructure.
– Digitalization & Innovation: Development and implementation of digital technologies for construction optimization.
Value Proposition– Global Presence, Local Expertise: Operates worldwide with deep regional market knowledge.
– Technical Excellence: Known for delivering large-scale, technically challenging projects.
– Sustainability Commitment: Focus on reducing environmental impact and achieving climate neutrality by 2040.
– End-to-End Solutions: Full spectrum of services from consulting and planning to construction and facility management.
Target Clients– Government Agencies: Partner for public infrastructure development.
– Corporations: Construction services for industrial and commercial projects.
– Project Developers: Collaborative construction expertise for development projects.
Additional Notes– Founded in 1835, marking a long-standing history in the construction industry.
– Publicly Traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange.
– Climate Neutrality Target: Commitment to becoming climate neutral by 2040.
STRABAG SE overview

Diverse Expertise Across Key Business Areas

STRABAG’s prowess extends across a wide spectrum of construction disciplines:

  • Building Construction & Civil Engineering: From residential and commercial buildings to educational and healthcare facilities, STRABAG excels in creating foundational structures for society. Their portfolio includes roads, bridges, railways, and tunnels, showcasing their versatility.
  • Transportation Infrastructures: STRABAG is at the forefront of constructing complex transportation networks, including roads, railways, and airports, enhancing connectivity and mobility.
  • Tunneling: With specialized capabilities, STRABAG is a go-to for tunnel construction across various sectors, navigating geological challenges with expertise.
  • Environmental Engineering: A leader in sustainable solutions, STRABAG addresses waste management, water treatment, site remediation, and renewable energy infrastructure with a focus on sustainability.
  • Digitalization & Innovation: The company is a trailblazer in integrating digital technologies to optimize construction processes, setting a standard for the industry’s future.

STRABAG’s Value Proposition

  • Global Presence, Local Expertise: Through its vast network of subsidiaries, STRABAG combines international reach with an in-depth understanding of regional markets.
  • Technical Excellence: Their track record in delivering large-scale, technically complex projects is unmatched, demonstrating engineering prowess.
  • Sustainability Commitment: STRABAG is dedicated to minimizing environmental impacts, fostering resource efficiency, and advancing toward climate neutrality by 2040.
  • End-to-End Solutions: Offering a full suite of services, from consulting and planning to execution and facility management, STRABAG ensures seamless project delivery.

Serving a Diverse Client Base

STRABAG’s client portfolio is as varied as its services, including:

  • Government Agencies: Partnering on public infrastructure projects, STRABAG plays a crucial role in national development across various countries.
  • Corporations: They provide comprehensive construction services for corporate clients, including industrial, commercial, and private sector facilities.
  • Project Developers: Working alongside developers, STRABAG brings construction expertise to a range of development projects.

A Legacy of Construction Excellence

With a history that spans nearly two centuries, STRABAG is not only a pioneer in the construction sector but also a visionary company, publicly traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange and committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2040. STRABAG SE’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability continues to shape the infrastructure of tomorrow, making it a formidable force in the global construction and infrastructure development industry.

STRABAG SE and RAMS boards: Pioneering Sustainable Construction on HS2 and Beyond

STRABAG SE, a leading force in the construction and infrastructure development industry, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is renowned for its expansive global reach and comprehensive expertise across the entire construction value chain. With projects of all sizes and complexities under its belt, STRABAG has made a significant mark on the European construction landscape and beyond, particularly with its involvement in high-profile projects like HS2 (High-Speed 2) in the UK. This monumental project not only showcases STRABAG’s technical excellence and commitment to sustainability but also highlights its innovative approach to safety and project management through the adoption of RAMS boards.

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Founded in 1835, STRABAG has a storied history of delivering large-scale, technically challenging infrastructure projects. From building construction and civil engineering to specialized tunneling and environmental engineering, STRABAG’s portfolio is a testament to its industry-leading capabilities. What sets STRABAG apart is not just its global presence and local expertise but also its forward-thinking embrace of digitalization and innovation for construction optimization.

STRABAG’s Sustainability Commitment

Aligned with its ambition to become climate neutral by 2040, STRABAG places a strong emphasis on reducing environmental impact and promoting resource-efficient practices. This sustainability commitment is evident in all its projects, including the landmark HS2 railway project, where STRABAG is playing a pivotal role in developing one of the UK’s most significant green infrastructure projects to date.

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with RAMS boards

health safety board rams angle
health safety board rams angle

In its quest to ensure the highest safety standards and streamline project communication, STRABAG has adopted RAMS boards across its HS2 project sites. RAMS boards, known for their robust design and versatility, serve as centralized information stations that provide all site personnel with easy access to essential safety information, compliance documents, and project updates. This integration of RAMS boards underscores STRABAG’s dedication to not only maintaining a safe work environment but also enhancing operational efficiency through improved site communication.

The Impact of RAMS boards on HS2

The adoption of RAMS boards by STRABAG on the HS2 project exemplifies how innovative safety solutions can be seamlessly integrated into complex infrastructure projects. By providing a clear, accessible platform for safety information and updates, STRABAG ensures that every team member is informed and aligned with the project’s safety protocols, thus fostering a culture of safety that aligns with its overall sustainability and efficiency goals.

A Model for Future Projects

STRABAG’s use of RAMS boards on HS2 sets a benchmark for the construction industry, demonstrating how embracing innovative safety and communication tools can significantly enhance project delivery. As STRABAG continues to lead the way in developing sustainable, efficient, and safe infrastructure globally, its commitment to using best-in-class solutions like RAMS boards will undoubtedly influence future projects and the wider construction industry.


STRABAG SE’s pioneering use of RAMS boards on the HS2 project is a testament to its leadership in sustainable construction and its commitment to safety and innovation. By integrating these advanced information stations into its project management approach, STRABAG not only enhances site safety and communication but also sets new standards for the construction industry’s future. As STRABAG moves forward with its goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2040, its innovative and sustainable practices will continue to inspire and shape the future of construction and infrastructure development worldwide.