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VolkerStevin’s Enhancing Infrastructure Efficiency by deployment of RAMS boards Across Key Projects

VolkerStevin is a part of £1bn turnover group that brings together five business units to collaborate across multidisciplinary projects. Volker Stevin has carved out its position as an industry leader in civil engineering and construction within the UK. As a crucial subsidiary of the VolkerWessels UK group, it contributes to a broad spectrum of construction services alongside its sister divisions, ensuring nationwide coverage for large-scale infrastructure projects. With over 80 years of experience and a professional in-house team, VolkerStevin provides complex engineering solutions across a wide range of sectors.

Core Services and Expertise

At the heart of VolkerStevin’s operations is a deep-seated expertise in infrastructure development. Their services span a comprehensive array of sectors including rail, waste management, highways, airport infrastructure, building construction, and specialist structural repairs. By offering integrated engineering solutions, VolkerStevin showcases a collaborative approach, leveraging the multifaceted expertise within the VolkerWessels group to tackle projects of diverse complexities.

Volker Stevin Infrastructure ExpertiseDescription
RailFocus on rail infrastructure projects, enhancing connectivity and transportation.
WasteSpecialization in waste management infrastructure, improving environmental sustainability.
HighwaysDevelopment and improvement of highway systems for better road safety and efficiency.
Airport InfrastructureUpgrades and construction of airport facilities to support aviation demands.
Building ConstructionExpertise in constructing buildings for various purposes, both commercial and residential.
Specialist Structural RepairsSpecialized in conducting structural repairs to ensure safety and longevity of infrastructure.
Volker Stevin Infrastructure Expertise

Commitment to Community, Sustainability, and Global Connectivity

VolkerStevin places a strong emphasis on creating a positive impact within communities through their infrastructure projects. Sustainability is a cornerstone of their operations, with a focused effort on climate change mitigation and protecting communities from the rising sea levels. Their environmental stewardship extends to enhancing water quality through advanced wastewater treatment technologies. Moreover, VolkerStevin plays a pivotal role in developing port infrastructure, aimed at bolstering global connections and trade. VolkerStevin, a distinguished name in the construction and civil engineering sector, has taken a significant step forward in bolstering project efficiency and safety by incorporating RAMS boards into several of its pivotal projects. This initiative aligns with VolkerStevin’s commitment to delivering excellence in infrastructure development while upholding the highest standards of workplace safety and communication.

Pioneering Project Management with RAMS boards

VolkerStevin has strategically selected RAMS boards for a variety of projects, spanning from the UK to The Netherlands, each with its unique challenges and requirements. Notable projects include:

VolkerStevin ProjectLocationBenefit of RAMS boards
Triton Galley at HMNB PortsmouthPortsmouth, PO1 3LSEnhances operational safety at a critical naval base.
OBT Terminals in EemshavenEemshaven, 9979XJStreamlines safety communication at an international port.
DWDR Project Office in DoverDover, CT17 9BJFacilitates efficient project management in waterfront development.
Off A947 Banff Road in AberdeenshireAberdeenshire, AB53 5RPSupports rural infrastructure with essential safety updates.
C2V Site Office at Eccles WwTWEccles, M30 7DSEnsures water treatment works are conducted safely.
Nether Peover WwTWNether Peover, WA16 9QEEnhances environmental protection in wastewater treatment.
C2V+ Site Compound in CongletonCongleton, CW12 1LJPrioritizes safety in wastewater treatment facility expansion.
Mere Lane, Magna Park in LutterworthLutterworth, LE17 4JHSupports logistics infrastructure with robust safety measures.
Sizewell C Nuclear Power PlantSizewell, IP16 4URImplements stringent safety protocols in energy infrastructure.
Via Rory J Holbrook Yard in BrandonBrandon, IP27 0SJFacilitates safe operations in construction material supply.
RAF LakenheathSuffolk, IP27 9PPEnsures safety of construction activities at an air force base.
Selected VlokerStevin projects benefiting from RAMS boards

The Impact of RAMS boards on Infrastructure Projects

By adopting RAMS boards, VolkerStevin not only enhances site safety but also improves the efficiency of information dissemination across its projects. These boards serve as centralized points for essential safety guidelines, project updates, and compliance notices, crucial for environments as dynamic and potentially hazardous as construction sites.

The use of RAMS boards underscores VolkerStevin’s proactive approach to safety management, reflecting its broader commitment to sustainability, community well-being, and environmental responsibility. This strategic decision is pivotal in maintaining high safety standards, fostering a culture of awareness, and ensuring the seamless execution of complex infrastructure projects.


VolkerStevin’s deployment of RAMS boards across its portfolio exemplifies how innovative solutions can significantly enhance project management, safety, and operational efficiency. As the company continues to lead in the construction and civil engineering sectors, its investment in RAMS boards is a testament to its leadership in adopting best practices and setting new industry standards. To secure RAMS boards for your projects, VolkerStevin offers a variety of procurement methods to suit your needs. You can effortlessly place an order through the RAMS boards’ online store, navigating their user-friendly e-commerce platform to explore and choose from the wide selection of boards available. For a tailored experience or to address specific inquiries, you’re encouraged to contact them directly via email at [email protected]. For those within large-scale operations like VolkerStevin, or managing significant projects, a streamlined approach is recommended: simply have your Quantity Surveyor (QS) send a purchase order (PO) to the provided email, ensuring a smooth and efficient acquisition process.