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HOCHTIEF: Revolutionizing Construction Site Management with RAMS boards

HOCHTIEF, a global leader in construction and engineering, plays a pivotal role in shaping the infrastructure that connects and powers our world. With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, HOCHTIEF delivers complex projects across continents.

HOCHTIEF OverviewDetails
IndustryConstruction, Engineering, and Infrastructure Development
HeadquartersEssen, Germany
DescriptionHOCHTIEF is a globally recognized player in the construction industry, known for delivering complex infrastructure projects across diverse sectors. They offer comprehensive expertise in planning, building, financing, and operating large-scale developments.
HOCHTIEF Business Overview

Key Business Areas

Key Business AreaRegionSpecializations
HOCHTIEF EuropeGermany, Poland, Czech Republic, Scandinavia, NetherlandsBuilding Construction (Schools, hospitals, commercial buildings), Infrastructure Projects (Roads, bridges, tunnels, airports)
HOCHTIEF AmericasUnited States, CanadaCivil Engineering (Large-scale transportation, energy, and water infrastructure), Contract Mining (Open-pit mining operations)
HOCHTIEF Asia Pacific (Cimic Group)Australia, Asia, New ZealandTransportation Infrastructure (Highways, railways, public transport networks), Mining and Mineral Processing (Development and operation of mining facilities), Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) with the public sector on significant infrastructure projects
HOCHTIEF Key Business Areas

In the fast-paced world of construction and infrastructure development, the collaboration between RAMS boards and HOCHTIEF AG is setting new standards for site safety and information management. HOCHTIEF, a global powerhouse in the construction, engineering, and infrastructure sectors, with headquarters in Essen, Germany, has integrated RAMS boards into several of its UK sites, showcasing a commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and safety protocols.

Transforming Site Safety Across the UK

HOCHTIEF`s adoption of RAMS boards across various locations, including Chippenham, Shockerwick, Reading, Southwark, Wales, and more, highlights the versatility and effectiveness of these information management systems in diverse project settings. From the redevelopment of Twyford train station to the intricate operations at Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station, RAMS boards have become an integral part of HOCHTIEF`s approach to maintaining high safety standards and streamlined communication.

Key Sites Benefiting from RAMS boards

HOCHTIEF Project LocationFunction
HOCHTIEF (UK) Construction Ltd, ChippenhamHub for project coordination and safety information dissemination.
HOCHTIEF (UK) Construction Ltd, ShockerwickEnhances daily safety briefings and operational updates in a compact site environment.
Twyford Train Station, ReadingFacilitates critical safety and project information flow in a high-traffic, public area.
LPT2 New Cross Site, SouthwarkSupports complex urban infrastructure projects with a focus on community safety and engagement.
Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station, WalesEnsures stringent safety protocols are accessible in a high-security energy project.
HOCHTIEF (UK) Construction Ltd, Garth Site Compound, LL48 6PAStreamlines site management and safety oversight in remote project locations.
Selection of HOCHTIEF projects using RAMS boards

The Impact of RAMS boards on Project Efficiency and Safety

The implementation of RAMS boards across HOCHTIEF`s projects underscores the company`s dedication to creating safer, more informed work environments. By centralizing essential safety notices, compliance documentation, and project updates, RAMS boards significantly reduce the risk of accidents and enhance overall site efficiency. This proactive approach to safety and information management is in perfect alignment with HOCHTIEF`s global reputation for excellence and innovation in the construction industry.


The partnership between RAMS boards and HOCHTIEF exemplifies how modern safety solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the operations of a leading global construction firm. As HOCHTIEF continues to push the boundaries of what`s possible in construction and infrastructure development, the role of RAMS boards in ensuring the safety and efficiency of their projects becomes increasingly indispensable. Together, RAMS boards and HOCHTIEF are not just building structures; they`re building a safer, more connected construction industry. At RAMS boards, we`re excited to bring our streamlined safety and information management solutions to HOCHTIEF, a leader in global construction and infrastructure development. Obtaining a RAMS board for any HOCHTIEF project is designed to be both straightforward and effective. The only step required is for the Quantity Surveyor (QS) to issue a purchase order (PO) directly to us at [email protected]. This efficient procedure ensures that RAMS boards, critical for upholding site safety and enhancing communication, are readily available for HOCHTIEF`s diverse and dynamic project portfolio. Our commitment is to support HOCHTIEF’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety and operational excellence, ensuring every project benefits from optimal safety and informational visibility.