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How long does it take to deliver a RAMS Board after purchase?

The delivery time for a RAMS Board after purchase varies depending on the location and whether the board is a standard version or a customized one. For customers within the UK and the European Union, the delivery timelines are structured as follows:

  1. Standard Versions: For standard versions of RAMS boards, the delivery time is typically within 10 working days. These standard versions are pre-manufactured and include a set array of features and accessories that are commonly required on construction sites. The 10-day window accounts for the time needed to process the order, package the product, and transport it to the destination.
  2. Customized Versions: For customized versions of RAMS boards, the delivery time extends to approximately 15 working days. Customized boards involve additional steps in their production, as they are tailored to meet specific requirements of the customer. This customization can include specific color schemes, additional accessories, or unique layouts to cater to the particular safety needs of a construction site. The extended delivery time for these versions reflects the additional work involved in customizing the boards to client specifications.
  3. Logistics and Transportation: The delivery process involves careful packaging and logistics planning to ensure that the boards arrive safely and in good condition. Transportation times can vary depending on the location within the UK or EU, and the logistics involved in reaching more remote or less accessible construction sites.
  4. Efficient Order Processing: RAMS boards aim to process orders efficiently to minimize delays. Once an order is placed, the processing includes preparation, packaging, and dispatch, which is done with a focus on speed and accuracy to ensure prompt delivery.
  5. Notification and Tracking: Customers are typically notified once their order is dispatched and, in most cases, are provided with tracking information. This allows them to monitor the delivery progress and plan accordingly for the arrival of the board.
  6. Considerations for Large Orders or Special Circumstances: For particularly large orders or orders with special circumstances (such as international shipping outside of the UK and EU), delivery times may vary. In such cases, customers are usually provided with an estimated delivery timeline during the ordering process.

In summary, the delivery time for a RAMS Board after purchase is within 10 working days for standard versions and within 15 working days for customized versions for customers within the UK and EU. This timeframe includes all aspects of order processing, customization for specific versions, and transportation logistics to ensure that the product reaches the customer promptly and in excellent condition.