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How easy is it to install a RAMS Board at a construction site?

The installation of a RAMS Board at a construction site is designed to be a straightforward and efficient process, ensuring that these vital safety communication tools can be set up quickly and without hassle. The ease of installation is a key feature of RAMS boards, making them a practical choice for fast-paced construction environments.

  1. Flat Pack Delivery for Convenience: RAMS boards are delivered in a flat pack format, which significantly simplifies their transportation and handling at the construction site. This flat pack design is particularly advantageous for sites that require the flexibility to move and reposition safety boards as the project evolves.
  2. Quick and Easy Assembly Process: The assembly of a RAMS Board, such as the Workplace Safety version with all accessories, can typically be completed by two operatives in under 30 minutes. This efficiency is crucial in construction settings where time and labor resources are valuable.
  3. Simple Disassembly for Relocation: Disassembling a RAMS Board is equally straightforward, typically taking less than 5 minutes. It involves unscrewing just 8 bolts at the supports and board connections. This feature is particularly beneficial for construction projects that have dynamic work areas and require the frequent repositioning of safety equipment and information.
  4. Compact and Manageable Packaging: The product is delivered in a cardboard box with dimensions of 144 × 174 × 30 cm, making it manageable and convenient for transportation within the construction site.
  5. Manual Handling and Transport Ease: Once disassembled, the components of a RAMS Board are designed to be easily handled manually or loaded onto a transport vehicle for movement to a new location. This mobility is essential for adapting to the changing needs of a construction project.
  6. Reinstallation at New Locations: At the new site, the reconnection of the board’s supports is as simple as screwing back the 8 bolts. This reassembly process ensures that the RAMS Board can be quickly made operational again, maintaining continuous safety communication and compliance.
  7. No Specialized Tools Required: The assembly and disassembly of RAMS boards do not require specialized tools, which means that any operative on the construction site can perform these tasks without needing specific training or equipment.
  8. Designed for Construction Site Environments: The design and assembly process of RAMS boards are specifically tailored for the construction site environment, taking into account the need for quick setup, ease of movement, and durability in various conditions.

In conclusion, the installation, disassembly, and reinstallation of a RAMS Board at a construction site are designed to be quick, easy, and efficient. This ease of handling and assembly ensures that construction sites can maintain a high standard of safety communication and compliance with minimal disruption to their operations. The flat pack delivery, straightforward assembly process, ease of disassembly, and reassembly at new locations, combined with the need for no specialized tools, make RAMS boards a practical and user-friendly choice for construction site safety.