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How much does it cost to build H&S notice boards.

The Client cost for 1500 mm x 1000 mm display area notice board is approx. £537.00. Those costs may vary depending on a size and complexity of made board. Timber and ply notice boards can last up to 6 months in open weather conditions. During this time timber and ply start deteriorating. Your handmade board becomes less attractive, and looses main objective in delivering your message.

RAMS boards are an alternative to ineffective handmade notice boards. Our notice boards deliver unchanged presentation effect and become a focal point in each workplace. UV stable high density poly ethylene stays unchanged for lifespan of product use. In addition, our RAMS boards are re-usable, therefore, by changing their location once, the overall costs are lower than building another handmade board. Just as operatives move from job to job, so do the RAMS boards. This approach brings financial savings to each business, which in current world, are so important.

Value added aspects of business H&S image and reputation are priceless. Standardisation and uniformity of notice boards is next benefit to Industry. RAMS boards have unique shape. With time, this shape induces a reflex action. Only by seeing it, employees think about H&S with relevant information and consumable personal protective equipment point. It becomes a standard product and employees expect to see it at your workplace.