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Keltbray: Pioneering the Future of UK`s Built Environment together with RAMS boards

Keltbray, headquartered in Esher, UK, stands at the forefront of the construction, engineering, and infrastructure solutions sectors. As a leading specialist construction company, Keltbray offers a wide array of services including engineering, construction, demolition, remediation, and much more, catering to a diverse range of projects across the UK. With a deep commitment to innovation, safety, and providing integrated solutions, Keltbray has carved a niche for itself, delivering structural solutions for a plethora of commercial, industrial, residential, and public sector projects.

Integrated Solutions Meeting Diverse Needs

Keltbray`s expertise spans several key business areas:

Key Business AreaDescription
Building ConstructionKnown for its reinforced concrete construction, Keltbray serves the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors with unparalleled structural solutions.
Rail InfrastructureWith substantial experience in rail projects, Keltbray undertakes station upgrades, track renewals, electrification, and signaling systems, among others.
Environmental ServicesOffering remediation for contaminated land, asbestos removal, and hazardous waste management, Keltbray addresses crucial environmental concerns.
DemolitionExpertise in decommissioning and demolition services within complex urban environments sets Keltbray apart in the industry.
Keltbray Key Business Areas

This wide-ranging portfolio is bolstered by Keltbray`s innovation-driven approach, utilizing cutting-edge technology and construction methods to enhance project efficiency and sustainability. Their commitment to safety and an integrated self-delivery model allows Keltbray to maintain quality control and reduce reliance on subcontractors, ensuring projects are delivered to the highest standards.

A Trusted Partner Across Sectors

Keltbray serves a diverse clientele, including government and public sector entities like Network Rail and Transport for London, commercial and industrial developers, as well as utilities and energy infrastructure projects. Their reputation for safely delivering complex projects within budget and to a high standard, coupled with a focus on people development, positions Keltbray as a trusted partner in the UK`s construction and engineering landscape.

Keltbray`s dedication to sustainability and safety is evident in their consecutive RoSPA Gold Safety Awards, highlighting their commitment to not just meeting but exceeding industry standards. By investing in their workforce and maintaining a fleet of specialist plant and technologies, Keltbray continues to add value to client projects, driving innovation, and excellence across Britain`s built environment. As Keltbray ventures into new projects, their comprehensive service offering and commitment to excellence ensure they remain at the cutting edge of the UK`s construction and engineering sectors, shaping the future of infrastructure and building projects.

Enhancing Construction Safety: The Strategic Partnership between Keltbray and RAMS boards

Keltbray, a leading UK specialist engineering and construction business, has embraced the innovative RAMS boards at various project sites, underscoring their commitment to safety and efficiency. RAMS boards offer a revolutionary approach to on-site health and safety communication, providing a durable, eco-friendly, and highly visible platform for displaying essential information and documentation. These modular information boards are a stark departure from traditional, cumbersome plywood boards, offering easy transportation, assembly, and long-term durability.

Keltbray Project SiteKeltbray OperationBenefits of RAMS boards
Keltbray Piling, Silvertown, LondonSpecialized piling servicesEnhances safety communication, ensuring all piling operations adhere to the latest safety standards.
Keltbray Structures, Lillie Square, LondonConstruction of structuresFacilitates efficient information sharing about structural integrity and safety protocols.
Keltbray, The Broadway, LondonMixed-use developmentSupports project management through centralized safety and operation updates.
KELTBRAY LTD, Rotherhithe, LondonInfrastructure developmentPromotes environmental and safety awareness among workers in sensitive urban areas.
KELTBRAY REMEDIATION, Wood Green, LondonRemediation servicesOffers a platform for displaying hazardous material handling procedures, ensuring site compliance.
Keltbray Energy, Forss Business & Technology Park, ThursoEnergy infrastructureAids in communicating specialized safety measures in energy projects, enhancing overall site safety.
Keltbray Ltd, AylesburyConstruction projectStreamlines project communication, allowing for the quick dissemination of critical updates.
Keltbray Ltd, Fawley Oil Refinery, SouthamptonIndustrial refurbishmentEnsures strict adherence to safety protocols in a high-risk environment through clear signage and instructions.
Keltbray Ltd, Elephant Park, LondonUrban redevelopmentSupports sustainable building practices by showcasing environmental policies and achievements.
Keltbray Ltd, HS2 Park Lane Compound, CoventryMajor rail infrastructureCentralizes critical safety and operational information for one of the UK`s largest infrastructure projects.
Keltbray projects benefiting from RAMS boards

At Keltbray Piling in Silvertown, London, and other locations like Keltbray Structures at Lillie Square, RAMS boards have been instrumental in maintaining high safety standards and efficient project management. These boards serve as central points for safety notices, risk assessments, method statements, and other critical information, crucial for the dynamic and often hazardous environment of construction sites. The use of RAMS boards at Keltbray sites like The Broadway in London and the Forss Business & Technology Park in Thurso highlights the company`s dedication to implementing innovative solutions that enhance safety and operational efficiency.

The collaboration between Keltbray and RAMS boards Ltd is a testament to the shared values of innovation, sustainability, and safety in the construction industry. As Keltbray continues to lead in delivering complex projects across the UK, the integration of RAMS boards into their sites is a clear indication of their proactive approach to workplace safety and environmental responsibility. This partnership not only elevates safety standards but also aligns with broader industry goals of sustainability and efficiency.

As a valued supplier within Keltbray`s extensive network, RAMS boards is delighted to facilitate the streamlined acquisition of essential safety equipment for construction sites. Procuring a RAMS board for a Keltbray project is designed to be straightforward and efficient. We invite Quantity Surveyors (QS) to simply forward their purchase orders (PO) to [email protected]. This smooth process ensures that our RAMS boards, indispensable tools for upholding site safety and effective communication, are readily available across Keltbray`s diverse range of projects. Our partnership aims to enhance workplace safety standards while ensuring vital information is prominently displayed and accessible.