Skanska Elevates Construction Site Safety with Innovative RAMS Boards Integration

Skanska stands as a paragon of innovation and sustainability in the global construction and development industry, with a vast operational footprint extending across more than 35 countries. With a venerable history spanning over 135 years, Skanska has harnessed its extensive experience to spearhead a diverse array of projects in various sectors, including residential, commercial, healthcare, transportation, and renewable energy.

Global Presence and Sustainability at the Core

Skanska’s global reach is not just a testament to its size but also to its commitment to making a positive impact on the world. One of the pillars of its operations is a deep-seated commitment to sustainability, with the ambitious goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2045. This dedication permeates every project, from planning through completion, underscoring Skanska’s role as a leader in sustainable construction practices.

Comprehensive Services Across the Spectrum

Skanska’s service offerings are comprehensive, covering the entire lifecycle of construction and development projects. This includes:

Service CategoryDescriptionCompliance with Sustainability
Construction ServicesBuilding, civil engineering, and infrastructure projects meeting high quality and sustainability standards.Aligns with Skanska’s commitment to sustainability, aiming for net-zero carbon emissions by 2045.
DevelopmentTakes projects from inception to completion, integrating sustainability goals and innovation at every phase.Ensures that development projects adhere to Skanska’s sustainability goals, incorporating eco-friendly practices and materials.
SpecializationPortfolio includes a diverse range of projects addressing today’s societal needs and tomorrow’s demands.Demonstrates Skanska’s versatility and commitment to developing projects that are sustainable and innovative, catering to a wide array of sectors.
SKANSKA Service Category

A Foundation Built on Values

At the heart of Skanska’s operations are its core values:

SKANSKA ValuesDescription
HumanityPutting people at the center of everything they do, considering the impact on communities and future generations.
CollaborationWorking together with partners, clients, and stakeholders to achieve shared goals.
InnovationEmbracing new technologies and solutions to push boundaries and deliver sustainable outcomes.
Entrepreneurial SpiritEncouraging initiative, creativity, and a willingness to take risks.
OpennessSharing information and fostering a transparent and inclusive culture.
RespectValuing diversity, treating everyone with fairness and dignity.
Long-term PerspectiveTaking responsibility for the long-term consequences of their decisions and actions.
SustainabilityIntegrating environmental and social responsibility into everything they do.
SafetySkanska places paramount importance on safety, aiming for zero accidents across all its sites and ensuring the well-being of employees, partners, and communities.

Transforming Safety and Communication on Global Projects

Skanska’s implementation of RAMS Boards is revolutionizing the way safety and project information is communicated across various sites, demonstrating its dedication to maintaining high safety standards. Some of the key projects benefiting from this strategic integration include:

SKANSKA Project DetailsCountryBenefits of RAMS Boards
A14 Integrated Delivery Mobilisation Team, BedfordUKEnhances project mobilization by streamlining safety induction and information sharing.
Swansea Bay Water Recycling Centre, Swansea DockUKSupports environmental sustainability goals through effective safety communication in water recycling projects.
Bryn Cowlyd WTW, Pont Dolgarrog, CONWYUKFacilitates the maintenance of high safety standards in water treatment works.
Pipering Lane, Doncaster, South YorkshireUKImproves construction efficiency by centralizing safety and operational updates.
London Power Tunnels Project, Willesden JunctionUKEnhances electrical safety awareness in critical infrastructure projects.
Humber Feeder 9 JV, Thorngumbald Road, Paull HullUKAids in ensuring safety compliance in energy distribution projects.
Humber Feeder 9 JV, East Marsh Road, GoxhillUKPromotes operational safety in strategic utility works.
Chelsea To Battersea Gas Main Tunnel Project OfficesUKSupports safety in urban utility infrastructure development.
Old Buckenham Water Treatment Works, Abbey RoadUKContributes to environmental protection by enhancing safety in water treatment processes.
BROADHOLME WRC, DITCHFORD LANE, WELLINGBOROUGHUKFacilitates effective safety communication in wastewater recycling centers.
Pyewipe Site Office, Moody Lane, GRIMSBYUKEnhances safety management in industrial project sites.
BROADHOLME STW, DITCHFORD LANE, WELLINGBOROUGHUKSupports compliance with environmental and safety regulations in sewage treatment works.
222 SW Columbia Street, Suite 300, PortlandUSAStreamlines site safety operations in international construction projects.
CVB JV Tideway East, Earl Pumping StationUKEnhances safety in the construction of critical water management infrastructure.
HEIGHAM WORKS, WATERWORKS ROAD, NORWICHUKImproves safety standards in waterworks projects through effective information dissemination.
Glascoed WTW, Cefn MeiriadogUKEnhances water treatment safety and operational efficiency.
M25 Framework Team, Great Cambridge RoadUKFacilitates infrastructure development with enhanced safety protocols.
Usk Reservoir, Near LlanddeusentUKSupports environmental protection and safety in reservoir management.
COSTAIN SKANSKA JV, REGENTS PLACEUKImproves joint venture construction safety and information sharing.
National Temperence HospitalUKEnsures health care construction projects meet stringent safety standards.
University College London, Hampstead RoadUKEnhances educational facility expansions with focused safety communications.
Skanska UK Plc, Euston Station OfficeUKFacilitates railway infrastructure safety and project management.
Units A1/A2, Gellihiron Ind Est, PontypriddUKSupports industrial estate developments with improved safety measures.
HPT JV, River Humber Gas Pipeline ReplacementUKAdvances safety in critical energy infrastructure projects.
CSJV, Europa Studio’s Victoria RoadUKEnhances safety in construction joint ventures and collaborative projects.
CSJV HS2 EW South, UCL OfficeUKPrioritizes safety in high-speed rail construction projects.
CSJV HS2, Melton Street, Kings CrossUKImplements rigorous safety and communication standards in public transport projects.
Leaden Roding Stw, Chelmsford RoadUKSupports sewage treatment works with comprehensive safety solutions.
CSJV Offices, MSD Dews Lane, IckenhamUKStreamlines safety management in construction service offices.
Carter Haulage and Storage, Shouldham ThorpeUKImproves logistics and storage operation safety through clear communication.
Huntingdon Rd, HUNTINGDONUKEnhances road construction safety and public information dissemination.
CSJV Site Office, Mandeville Road, NortholtUKFacilitates efficient safety management in urban construction environments.
Gate Way, Pyewipe Industrial Estate, GRIMSBYUKSupports industrial safety and operational efficiency in manufacturing zones.
CSJV Site Offices, Old Oak Common Depot, ActonUKAdvances safety protocols in railway depot development projects.
Nags Head Lane STW, Warley, BrentwoodUKPrioritizes environmental safety in sewage treatment works.
Welsh Water Capital Delivery Alliance, UskUKEnhances collaboration and safety in water infrastructure projects.
SCS JV – HS2 MWCC, Atlas Road GATE C, LondonUKStreamlines safety communication in major infrastructure construction.
Skanska SAS-13 Bridge Replacement, BirminghamUKPromotes structural safety in bridge construction and replacement projects.
Greenway Park Vent Shaft, GreenfordUKEnsures underground construction safety in ventilation projects.
SCS JV – HS2 MWCC, UxbridgeUKEnhances safety in high-speed rail construction corridors.
Granby Terrace Overbridge, Kings Cross, LondonUKImproves pedestrian and worker safety in overbridge construction.
SCS JV, Gate 3 Compound off Harvil Road, UB9 6JNUKFacilitates safe construction practices in joint venture projects.
Skanska Costain Strabag S1 JV, Northolt TunnelUKSupports tunneling safety and efficiency with comprehensive information sharing.
SCS JV – HS2 MWCC, Breakspear Road South, UxbridgeUKPrioritizes long-term construction safety in major civil engineering works.
M42 Junction 6 Improvement Scheme, Bickenhill SolihullUKEnhances traffic management safety in major highway improvement projects.
Mandeville Road Shaft, EalingUKFacilitates underground construction safety in dense urban areas.
Skanska Costain Strabag S1 JV, Adelaide Road Vent ShaftUKImproves ventilation project safety and efficiency in urban infrastructure.
Skanska Civils, Gate F, Cardington StUKSupports civil engineering projects with centralized safety communication.
SCS JV – HS2 MWCC, Canterbury Works Vent ShaftUKEnhances worker safety in complex underground construction projects.
SCS JV – HS2 MWCC, Victoria Road Crossover BoxUKStreamlines safety protocols in critical rail infrastructure developments.
Quinn House, Gate F Cardington StreetUKPromotes safety awareness in construction site operations.
SKANSKA a.s., Ulice Komořanská, Praha ModřanyCzech RepublicSupports international project safety standards in mixed-use developments.
West Ruislip Portal SiteUKEnhances safety measures in portal construction projects for rail networks.
NTE TEAM, Victoria Road Site, North ActonUKFacilitates safety management in technology and infrastructure projects.
Skanska SA, ul. Pawia 21, KrakówPolandStreamlines safety communication in construction projects across Poland.
SKANSKA projects benefiting from RAMS boards

A Comprehensive Approach to Safety and Sustainability

By incorporating RAMS Boards into these diverse projects, Skanska not only promotes a culture of safety but also aligns with its sustainability goals. RAMS Boards serve as centralized points for essential safety information, guidelines, and updates, ensuring that all personnel, regardless of their role, have immediate access to vital safety information. This initiative underscores Skanska’s holistic approach to project management, where safety, sustainability, and efficiency are interwoven into every aspect of their operations.

Skanska’s Vision for the Future

Skanska’s adoption of RAMS Boards across its project portfolio is a testament to the company’s innovative spirit and its unwavering dedication to safety and sustainability. As Skanska continues to push the boundaries of construction and development, the integration of RAMS Boards will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in enhancing site safety and operational efficiency, setting new industry standards for the future.

In summary, Skanska’s strategic integration of RAMS Boards across its projects is not just about enhancing site safety; it’s a reflection of the company’s broader commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence in the construction industry. As Skanska moves forward, its focus on incorporating sustainable and innovative solutions like RAMS Boards will continue to define its legacy as a global leader in construction and development. RAMS Boards are proudly serves as a trusted supplier for Skanska, making the acquisition of essential safety equipment for construction sites a breeze. Getting a RAMS board for your Skanska project couldn’t be simpler; all it takes is for the Quantity Surveyor (QS) to pop over a purchase order (PO) to [email protected]. This hassle-free process means that RAMS boards, crucial for upholding site safety and ensuring everyone is on the same page, are readily available for Skanska’s diverse range of projects.