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Can I see a demo or sample of a RAMS Board before purchasing?

Yes, it is possible to see a demo or sample of a RAMS Board before making a purchase. If you are in the UK, RAMS boards can be leased or rented for short-term evaluation. You can contact CMT (Construction Material Technologies) at their website for this purpose. They can provide you with the opportunity to experience a RAMS Board firsthand, allowing you to assess its suitability for your specific needs.

For those located outside the UK, the process involves reaching out to your local hiring companies. You can ask these companies to contact RAMS boards directly at [email protected] to arrange for a demo or rental. This approach ensures that potential customers around the world have an opportunity to evaluate RAMS boards in their actual intended environment before committing to a purchase.

This option to preview or trial a RAMS Board is particularly useful for organizations looking to make an informed decision, ensuring that the product meets their specific requirements for safety, health, environment, and quality communication on worksites.