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We know how to make construction site safety better

RAMS boards transform health and safety culture by prominently displaying critical information,
fostering a safety-first mindset, and encouraging preventive practices.


[email protected]
(+44) 20 3532 0639

Physical Address​

RAMS boards Ltd.
17 Pennine Parade, Pennine Drive
London, NW2 1NT, United Kingdom

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8am – 6pm

RAMS boards Ltd.

17 Pennine Parade, Pennine Drive
London, NW2 1NT, United Kingdom

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: (00 44) 20 3532 0639
Company No. 08792619

VAT registration number: GB 191 3128 21


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RAMS boards experts

Our Team

Marcin Nowak

Managing Director

Marcin Nowak, the Managing Director at RAMS boards Ltd, embodies a profound understanding and commitment to the health and safety industry. With a robust background as a senior engineer and project manager in civil engineering and transport infrastructure projects, his experience includes significant roles at HS2, Crossrail and Transport for London, contributing to high-value projects and change in Health & Safety culture across sector. Marcin`s technical expertise and leadership, honed through years of managing complex engineering tasks and ensuring safety standards, have been integral to RAMS boards mission of transforming workplace safety culture. His academic foundation in civil engineering from the Cracow University of Technology further solidifies his role as a knowledgeable and innovative leader in the field.

Paweł Jarosz

Business Development Director

Paweł Jarosz, as the Business Development Director at RAMS boards Ltd, exemplifies industry expertise with over a decade of dedication to the company. His tenure reflects a deep-seated commitment to innovation and growth in the health and safety sector, bringing a wealth of knowledge from his time at  Lorenz Bahlsen and his academic background in Automation and Robotics Multimedia in Industrial Systems from the Krakow University of Technology. His role at RAMS boards, coupled with his engineering prowess, has been pivotal in steering the company towards creating sophisticated, creative solutions that meet the complex demands of today`s workplaces. Paweł`s journey is a testament to the blend of hard work, creativity, and technical know-how required to lead in the ever-evolving safety solutions industry.

Przemysław Nowak

Production Manager

Przemek Nowak, the Production Manager at RAMS boards since 2018, brings a decade of industry experience from his prior role at Retech. His extensive tenure underscores a deep understanding of the production dynamics and challenges within the safety solutions sector. Przemek`s innovative approach and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in enhancing the quality and efficiency of RAMS boards products. His creative problem-solving skills and technical knowledge reflect the hard work and dedication needed to produce industry-leading safety solutions. Przemek`s contributions to RAMS boards demonstrate his profound capability to drive the industry forward with innovative and reliable products.

Dawid Rzepczyński

Chief Marketing Officer

Creating and implementing marketing strategies that inspire and drive the growth of RAMS.