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Randridge: Pioneering Engineering Solutions Since 1993

A Journey of Growth and Diversification

Established in 1993, Randridge has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the engineering domain. Initially opening offices in Ireland and the Netherlands, Randridge quickly marked its territory by securing significant projects like the Siemens Power Station project in Moerdijk and the Statoil Kalundberg job in Denmark. This promising start set the tone for a journey characterized by expansion and diversification.

Expanding Horizons

By 1994, Randridge expanded its operations to South Africa, catering to the Southern African region. This expansion was followed by notable projects, including the Hyundai car manufacturing plant in Botswana (1996), the Klaipėda Oil Terminal in Lithuania (1997), and the Boeraalis chemical plant in Sweden (1998). Entering the pharmaceutical sector in Ireland in 1999 further showcased Randridge’s versatility and commitment to diversification.

Steady Progress and Innovation

The 2000s brought about significant milestones for Randridge. Achieving ISO 9001 and VCA-P certifications in 2004 underscored their dedication to quality and safety. Expansion continued with the opening of an office in Norway (2005), the UK (2013), and forming a joint venture in Kazakhstan (2015), amplifying their presence in key global markets.

Excellence in Project Delivery

Randridge, recognized for its prowess in sectors like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, and more, demonstrates a steadfast dedication to safety and excellence. Their approach is evident in the comprehensive solutions they offer, encompassing design, engineering, project management, procurement, and construction. A notable achievement is their contribution of over 2,000,000 man-hours to the Shell HDS-6 project without any lost-time incidents, underscoring their commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards.

In line with this commitment, RAMS boards play a pivotal role in bolstering Randridge’s safety and project delivery excellence. These modular, self-assembly information boards are integral in disseminating crucial safety information and guidelines across project sites. The versatility, durability, and easy transportation of RAMS boards align perfectly with Randridge’s operational needs, ensuring vital safety messages are visible and accessible, contributing significantly to the prevention of accidents and enhancing overall site safety.

health safety board rams angle
health safety board rams angle

Furthermore, RAMS boards’ eco-friendly construction from recyclable plastic not only supports Randridge’s safety goals but also aligns with sustainability initiatives. By providing a standardized, reliable platform for safety communication, RAMS boards facilitate a safer working environment, helping Randridge achieve its objective of zero incidents and accidents on-site. This collaboration exemplifies how innovative solutions like RAMS boards can enhance safety protocols and project execution in the demanding fields of construction and engineering.

A Leader in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

Randridge’s reputation as a leader in electrical and instrumentation engineering solutions is well-earned. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, their in-house engineers and project management teams ensure the seamless execution of complex industrial projects. Their global sourcing capabilities and a relentless focus on quality and innovation have cemented their position as a preferred partner for clients worldwide.

Looking to the Future

Celebrating over 25 years in the business, Randridge continues to build on its legacy of quality, reliability, and technical expertise. Their journey from a promising start-up to a globally recognized engineering powerhouse showcases their adaptability, foresight, and commitment to delivering outstanding solutions across diverse industries. As Randridge looks to the future, their story remains one of continuous growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.