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Are there digital or interactive versions of RAMS boards?

RAMS boards can be adapted to include digital screens based on customer preferences and requirements. This flexibility allows users to enhance the functionality of RAMS boards by integrating digital or interactive elements. The inclusion of digital screens can provide dynamic, up-to-date information, and the ability to easily modify or update the content displayed on the boards.

The construction of RAMS boards using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plays a significant role in this adaptability. HDPE`s durability ensures that the boards, even when equipped with digital screens, can withstand various environmental conditions. Additionally, when properly anchored to the surface in accordance with the installation manual, RAMS boards comply with the EURO code 1 standard for wind load action, which is crucial for maintaining stability and safety, especially when augmented with digital components.

This option to equip RAMS boards with digital screens offers a modern, interactive approach to safety and information communication on construction sites and other work environments. It represents a blend of traditional robust physical construction with contemporary digital technology, providing a versatile and effective solution for dynamic safety management.