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Can RAMS boards be equipped with lighting for low-light conditions?

Yes, RAMS boards can be equipped with lighting to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. While the company has experimented with adding lighting to RAMS boards, it`s important to note an industry-specific caveat. Regulations often require that workplaces, particularly construction sites, be well-lit overnight. In such scenarios, additional lighting on the RAMS boards might not be triggered or necessary due to the already sufficient ambient lighting.

However, for scenarios where additional lighting is beneficial, RAMS boards can indeed be equipped with solar-powered lighting. This is particularly useful for night-time visibility, ensuring that the boards are clearly visible at all hours. Solar-powered lighting is an eco-friendly option that harnesses solar energy during the day to power the lights at night, providing a sustainable and efficient solution for enhancing the visibility of RAMS boards in various lighting conditions. This adaptability makes RAMS boards suitable for a wide range of environments, ensuring that crucial safety and information messages are always accessible.