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Which RAMS Board to choose?

Workplace Safety – Approx. 65% of our clients order Workplace Safety version of RAMS Board, aka Construction Site Set Up. It is convenient for clients, as all necessary accessories are delivered in one flat pack content. Most industry sectors follow similar approach to H&S and our vision suits their needs. At RAMS boards we co-operate with UVEX, which is known in industry for its quality and robustness approach to their products. As we at RAMS boards follow similar approach, therefore it was straightforward choice to use UVEX accessorises with Workplace Safety version of RAMS board.

Standard – Approx. 18% of orders are for Standard Version of RAMS board. When we ask our clients about their choice, their response was accessories are provided by designated supplier. We understand their approach. They also stated that our accessories provided in standard version (A4 transparent pockets, 700 x 500 mm magnetic white board, and ‘Meet the person responsible for your safety’ mirror) are extremely useful in their day to day management tasks.

Customisable – 9% of orders call for Customisable, aka Basic version of RAMS boards. Our Clients, when asked, stated that they extremely like our focal message carrier board. Due to their specific sectors they fit them in with unique accessories. Second most common response, was independent and uniform approach to notice boards across the business, which they follow.

Bespoke version – Remaining 8% of orders are bespoke RAMS boards. Clients have specific requirements, which we, as business, provide them to their recommendations and specification. We always prepare visualisations first and once we get client’s acceptance, the bespoke RAMS boards are developed and delivered.

RAMS boards are available in a variety of colours. Based on surveys, the below are the most common reasons of our clients’ orders:

Yellow – first choice between our Clients. Highly visual, focal point, which brings attention and is not possible to walk it by without stopping in front of it. One of the ideas behind this is to get employees attention to pass important information to them. Most popular in Construction, Educational and Manufacturing sectors.

Red – subconsciously brings attention to fire. Therefore, at RAMS boards we have prepared a RAMS Fire point. This is one of examples of how our focal RAMS board can be design and prepared as theme message board. In this instance, fire safety RAMS board plays a vital role as centralised fire point for whole workplace. Our fire points are equipped with fire alarms, space for all Fire Risk assessments, Evacuations plans, Fire warden/marshals information as well as fitted with stand for fire extinguishers. That centralised fire station supports Fire Brigades in time of incidents, as all necessary information is placed in central point, which is instantly available to reach. All industry sectors request for the fire points.

Orange – due to specific requirements, orange version is first choice in rail sector. Yellow warning colour in safety equipment has been superseded by orange due to signalling lights. The train driver might misinterpret the yellow colour next to railway as rail traffic light. This is why orange has been introduced on to railway sector. Other features and benefits of RAMS boards remain the same. As railway projects tends to be counted in km of new tracks, RAMS boards are perfect choice, as they can easily follow current location of works delivering constant information to workforce. Also, it provides necessary consumable PPE distribution point at all times.

Green – in Industry green colour tends to be used as first aid, refuge, assembly points. In general, a place of safety with help to be given at the spot. Green is also colour of nature hence environmental and sustainability message suits it very well. Our clients call for green version of RAMS board mostly to create the designated First Aid point, with appropriate accessories. Those accessories are sourced mostly by us to meet our client’s specification and delivered all in flat pack content. Another most common choice is to create designated environmental board, especially on prestigious projects with high focus on environment. Our clients fit them with standard accessories adding spill kits and noise mats and similar additional equipment.

Blue – colour of water and sky. Not surprisingly sea ports, marinas and projects related to water distribution and treatment tend to order the blue versions of RAMS boards. Other sector which orders blue versions is leisure premises. Aqua parks, open swimming pools benefit from long-lasting, robust and secure information points.

White – colour which brings to mind order and focus on quality. Ideal for LEAN, 5S, 6 Sigma, Kanban themes. Manufacturing sector benefits from using our RAMS boards to prepare mobile LEAN, 5S, 6 Sigma, Kanban boards. By adding wheels to supports they can quickly establish a workshop at workplace floor and create a perfect environment to perform a brainstorm with their employees to resolve a quality problem or improve a process. White version of our boards has been so far the most popular in that kind of scenarios.

Corporation branding – despite different aspects of colour and their subconscious meaning, some organisations follow their corporate branding. They invest in RAMS boards as perfect tool for delivering information in their workplace as well as promoting their branding colours. They also request from us to prepare top sign customisation for them in order to promote their brand even more.