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Green Workplace Safety

1.355,00 € ex. VAT

Flat Pack Contents:

  • Main Board with transparent Polycarbonate slot at the bottom
  • 2 x Supports, that can be filled with water for ballast (70 litres each) or fixed to the ground
  • Magnetic Whiteboard (700 mm x 500 mm) Marker and eraser included
  • Ear plug dispenser (Plugs not included)
  • Eye Wash Station
  • 6 x Transparent Document Protective A4 size pocket
  • Lens cleaning station
  • “Meet the person responsible for your safety” Mirror
  • Fixings to join main board and supports and concrete fixings
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Marcin Nowak

(+44) 20 3532 0639

Marcin Nowak, the Managing Director at RAMS boards Ltd, embodies a profound understanding and commitment to the health and safety industry. With a robust background as a senior engineer and project manager in civil engineering and transport infrastructure projects, his experience includes significant roles at HS2, Crossrail and Transport for London, contributing to high-value projects and change in Health & Safety culture across sector.

Version comparison


Workplace SafetyStandardCustomisable
Board dimensions224 x 187 x 100 cm224 x 187 x 100 cm224 x 187 x 100 cm
Package dimensions31 x 174 x 144 cm31 x 174 x 144 cm31 x 174 x 144 cm


Workplace SafetyStandardCustomisable
Whiteboard Magnetic Whiteboard
700 mm x 500 mm
Marker and eraser included
Magnetic Whiteboard
700 mm x 500 mm
Marker and eraser included
Ear plug dispenserYes
(Plugs not included)
Eye Wash StationYesxx
Lens cleaning stationYesxx
Document Protective pocket6x A4 size6x A4 sizex
“Meet the person ...”

Sample configuration of RAMS boards



Green Workplace Safety

Would you like information boards to appear in your park that will be noticed by visitors? Need display area that can have multiple uses and functions? Or maybe you just like practical solutions and would like to finally find information boards that can be moved from place to place? Whatever your reason, you’re looking for green RAMS boards in the Workplace Safety edition. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how much it can change in your company.

Nothing else is needed

If you run your own business, you know how many responsibilities it entails. You have hundreds of things to do and you simply don’t have the time and energy to constantly change the information boards or think about how to equip them. With the greenest RAMS boards with the Workplace Safety equipment, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. This model of boards has a large, transparent pocket and six pockets perfect for a standard document. In addition, it has a convenient magnetic dry erase board on which you can write down important messages without having to print them. In addition, on the board there is a dispenser with earplugs and a lens cleaning station and eyewash station. Optionally, you can add hand disinfection stations from our range. If you choose RAMS boards in this standard, the only thing you need to remember is to refill the fluid supply in the feeder and PPE consumables. However, if you want, there will also be a place on the board for independent arrangement. You can use it to personalize the board and adjust it to the visual identity of your brand. It is a perfect place for a legible logo and company name. It will be hard to miss them on such a board.

Green and in harmony with nature

Green OHS RAMS boards will also perform well in businesses related to ecology and environmental protection. Nowhere does it say that they must only stand in the open air. These boards can be placed on most surfaces – they will work well on concrete, soil, sand, paving stones, tiles, wooden floors, etc. For this reason, they can also be placed inside buildings. The boards themselves have a modern and aesthetic design, so they will look good at the company’s premises. But that’s not the best part about them yet. These boards are very durable. They will not rot after standing in the rain and snow for several months. They are made of HDPE, so they can be cleaned with water and detergents. Not only that, they can be moved. They can be used as a temporary and mobile solution. Thanks to this, they are reusable, which also means that they are ecological. Using them does not generate unnecessary waste that could later be deposited in the landfill. You can simply place the RAMS boards wherever it works better at the moment. And if you don’t need it at all, you can disassemble it and store it as separate elements. Thanks to this, it does not take up much space. When the situation changes and you need the H&S notice board again, you will put them together again. It’s simple, fast and convenient. So what? Ready to order that will change your life?

Additional information

Weight 62,75 kg
Dimensions 144 × 174 × 31 cm

15 reviews for Green Workplace Safety

  1. Warren Alexander-Pye

    We have bought two RAMS boards for a very challenging site environment below a London Underground station.
    The robust construction of the boards means they can withstand the rigours of site, they are easily cleaned and the ability to drain the base units makes them easy to move as the works phases progress.
    Where the method statement is highly bespoke and out of the ordinary these boards are great for ensuring the relevant information is available close to the workface.
    The cost compares very favourably with the site made timber version, the range of pre-fixed accessories available is very good and the fact that we could brand the sign on top of the board was the icing on the cake.
    I would recommend these to any site.

    Warren Alexander-Pye
    Associate Director

  2. Kevin Westerman

    Personly I think their excellent, very visual,all the relevent information, all the stations in one area.

    Kevin Westerman
    Construction Manager

  3. Fred Garner

    We are impressed with the visual impact of the RAMS boards

    Fred Garner, Sector Director – Rail, TAYLOR WOODROW

  4. Gary Reilly

    We have been impressed with its quality and time/cost saving that we have decided to roll it out across all our sites.

    Gary Reilly, Project Manager, Lorclon Ltd

  5. Kevin Laney

    Light, bright, sturdy and professional looking, the RAMS boards have sharpened our site safety notice stations.

    Kevin Laney, Project Leader at Laing O’Rourke

  6. Paul Siberry

    The RAMS Boards at Chambers Wharf do stand out a lot and the general feedback is that they look very tidy and they attract the attention

    Paul Siberry, Agent – Surface Works Tideway / Costain

  7. Daniel Chasen

    The RAMS board is working really well with most visitors commenting on it. The RAMS board works particularly well for us as our sites are quite mobile which means we can just relocated it with minimum fuss and it seems to be holding up well. Our previous timber made board did not fare so well.

    Daniel Chasen, Sub Agent at Jackson Civil Engineering Group Limited

  8. Joyce Fernandes

    The RAMS boards have been very well received by our site and management team.

    Joyce Fernandes, Q6 Heathrow Airport, Ferrovial

  9. Angela-Viorica Gheniu

    Thank you very much for the boards provided. Are very useful for displaying information from different departments of our depot. The size and colours make them visible and hardly to be missed. The sand filling legs create a safety environmental preventing falling in case of a hit.

    Angela-Viorica Gheniu, Depot Support Safety, Virgin Trains East Coast

  10. Mike Mungroosingh

    A key part to establishing controlled zones, is having a focal point of information that clearly explains how the area is managed and by whom. In the past there have been requirements for design for notice boards, as they started to evolve, to incorporate more info. The RAMS board ticks all boxes, its designed, no maintenance, clearly visible and standard items can be fixed eg glass cleaning, first aid, eye wash etc. Excellent product

    Mike Mungroosingh, HSE Delivery Lead at BYLOR Joint Venture

  11. Martin Prosser

    The water filled supports made installing RAMS board very simple without the need to damage finishes.

    Martin Prosser HOCHTIEF, Engineering Manager

  12. Godwin Akhirebhu

    Great product which the majority of the Site Managers and Supervisors found absolutely resourceful.

  13. Jeannie Oliver

    We absolutely love the RAMS boards that we purchased. We have had great feedback from our onsite construction crews, as well as our OH&S Safety Consultant (s). We have loaded the board with safety documentation, forms and information, as required by our provincial safety rules and regulations. The boards have become that one stop destination before entering our work sites, which has been wonderful.

    Jeannie Oliver, Schneider’s Building Supplies, Canada

  14. Tamlyn Lingham

    Fair play, brilliant set up and great tools on major projects.

    Tamlyn Lingham, Senior Site Manager at Clugston Construction Limited

  15. Casey Campbell

    RAMS Boards are a brilliant addition to site. All site specific information is clearly displayed in one place and the water filled bases make these easy to transport around site as work progresses. Overall a great product.

    Casey Campbell, Contracts Administrator, MACE

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green rams board construction set up
Green Workplace Safety

1.355,00 € ex. VAT