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Accuform Manufacturing: An official distributor of RAMS board in USA and Canada

AccuForm Manufacturing, Inc. emerges as a frontrunner in the safety communication industry, dedicated to manufacturing a vast array of safety signs, tags, labels, and 5S organization products. With a clear mission to inform, protect, and motivate the workforce, Accuform leverages high-quality safety solutions to foster a safer work environment across various industries.

AccuForm Company OverviewDetails
NameAccuForm Manufacturing, Inc.
IndustryWorkplace Safety, Compliance, and Identification Solutions
HeadquartersBrooksville, Florida, USA
DescriptionA leading provider of visual safety solutions designed to help businesses create safer, more compliant, and ultimately more productive workplaces.
Key Products & ServicesSafety Signs: Pre-designed and customizable for all hazard categories.
Safety Tags: Durable tags for equipment and hazard identification.
Labels: Customizable for identification and asset tracking.
5S & Lean Manufacturing Products: Tools for workplace organization.
Traffic Control and Facility Signs: Management of traffic flow and area designation.
Pipe and Valve Markers: Clear identification in complex systems.
RAMS boards: an official distributor in USA and Canada
Value PropositionComprehensive Selection: Wide array of safety and identification solutions.
Customization: Capable of creating custom products with specific messaging.
Expertise: Knowledgeable in safety standards to assist with compliance.
Efficiency: Streamlines communication and reduces risk of accidents or violations.
Target CustomersIndustrial Facilities: Manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers.
Construction Sites: Contractors, subcontractors.
Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, laboratories.
Businesses of All Sizes: Organizations seeking to enhance safety and identification practices.
AccuForm Company Overview

Comprehensive Safety Solutions

Accuform’s product lineup is both extensive and versatile, featuring custom signs tailored to specific requirements, chemical labels for proper handling and storage, OSHA-compliant signs to ensure regulatory adherence, and convenient tags by the roll for easy application. These products are proudly made in the USA, with manufacturing and shipping operations based in Florida and Rhode Island, highlighting Accuform’s commitment to domestic production and quick distribution.

AccuForm’s RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statements) Board (PBR101) provides a centralized, highly visible hub for managing and communicating critical safety information within workplaces. It’s designed to streamline the organization, display, and accessibility of Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS), which are essential documents outlining potential hazards and safe working procedures for a project. This board helps ensure teams have quick access to the information they need, promoting safety awareness, compliance with regulations, and streamlined communication across workers and management. Industries like construction, manufacturing, or any field where complex tasks and safety hazards are prevalent will find the RAMS Board particularly beneficial. It serves as a constant reminder of safety protocols, helping to foster a culture of proactive risk management.

RAMS Board BenefitDescription
Health and Safety CommunicationEnsures clear communication with six A4 size transparent pockets for displaying essential documentation.
Standardisation and UniformityPromotes uniformity across construction sites with a unique shape and standardized presentation of information.
TransportabilityEasily transportable by two operatives without lifting equipment, adhering to manual handling guidelines.
Durability and MaintenanceConstructed from recyclable plastic, requiring minimal maintenance and providing at least 10 years of continual use, thus being both sustainable and cost-effective.
Financial EfficiencyReusability across multiple sites offers significant cost savings compared to traditional construction materials like plywood or timber.
Wind ResistanceMeets “Wind Action” standard EN 1991-1-4:2005, capable of withstanding wind speeds up to 119 km/h (74 mph) once properly assembled and anchored.
Eco-FriendlinessThe use of recycled plastic in their manufacture aids in reducing the carbon footprint, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.
Safety AwarenessIncorporates features such as an A4 size mirror with safety reminders to foster safety consciousness and behavioral change among site personnel.
AdaptabilityDesigned for flexible use to meet various project needs, serving as a multipurpose health and safety station on construction sites.
RAMS boards Benefits

Unmatched Customer Support

Understanding the critical nature of safety in the workplace, Accuform provides personalized customer service options, including live chat, email support, and a toll-free phone number. This approach ensures that clients have access to the assistance they need when selecting the right safety products for their specific applications.

Top Sellers and Safety Impact

Among Accuform’s top sellers are OSHA Danger Tags By-The-Roll, designed to maintain compliance and enhance safety, Dry Erase Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Boards for tracking essential performance metrics, Fire Safety Signs to guide emergency responses, and retro-reflective Hard Hat Stickers for increased visibility of construction workers. These products not only serve to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, affecting over 4.1 million workers annually, but also play a pivotal role in machine operation safety and promoting safety awareness through rewarding practices like hard hat labels.

For those interested in exploring Accuform’s offerings or have specific inquiries, contact information is readily available:

  • Florida Facility: Call 800-237-1001
  • Rhode Island Facility: Call 800-453-2727
  • Email: [email protected]

Accuform Signs is dedicated to enhancing workplace safety and compliance, serving a broad spectrum of industries with its comprehensive range of safety communication products. Their commitment to quality, customer support, and a safer work environment sets them apart as a key player in the safety products manufacturing industry.

Accuform is now proud to offer RAMS boards as part of its extensive safety solutions portfolio in the USA and Canada. These innovative boards are designed to enhance workplace safety and communication, making them an essential addition to any safety-conscious environment. Clients interested in leveraging the benefits of RAMS boards to elevate their safety standards are encouraged to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. Whether you have questions or need assistance in selecting the perfect safety solution for your needs, our experts are here to help. Explore the “RAMS Board” section in our online store for a detailed look at your options, including comprehensive product specifications and features. At Accuform, we’re committed to helping you create a safer, more compliant workplace with our top-quality safety products.