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AMEY and RAMS boards: A Partnership Driving Safety and Efficiency in Infrastructure Projects

Amey stands at the forefront of the UK’s infrastructure and consulting services, driven by a mission to enhance the places we live, work, and travel. With a workforce of around 17,000, Amey plays a pivotal role in managing and improving essential infrastructure, underpinned by a deep commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Core Areas of Expertise

AMEY Service CategoriesDescription
Consulting & DesignAmey excels in delivering engineering design and strategic advice, crafting the future of infrastructure with solutions tailored to meet complex challenges.
Transport InfrastructureAmey plays a crucial role in maintaining and overseeing the UK’s transport networks, including highways and railways, ensuring safe and efficient movement across the nation.
Complex Facilities ManagementThe company is responsible for the operational efficiency of critical facilities, such as hospitals, schools, and defense sectors, providing comprehensive management services.
Environmental ServicesDemonstrating a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, Amey provides essential services such as waste management, recycling, and street cleansing to promote sustainable living in communities.
AMEY Service Categories

Commitment to Sustainability & Innovation

Amey’s approach transcends traditional service delivery, focusing on environmental sustainability and leveraging technology to advance infrastructure solutions. This includes:

Digital & Data OptimizationUtilizing smart data to improve asset management and streamline service delivery, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness.
Sustainable Design & EngineeringIntegrating carbon reduction and environmental sustainability into the core of project designs to minimize impact on the planet.
Decarbonization InitiativesSupporting clients in the journey towards net-zero emissions, with a special focus on the transport sector to promote greener, cleaner modes of transportation.
AMEY initiatives

In the realm of infrastructure and consulting services, Amey stands out for its commitment to creating better places to live, work, and travel. This commitment is further enhanced by its collaboration with RAMS boards, a partnership that exemplifies Amey’s dedication to safety, innovation, and environmental stewardship across its various projects. Utilizing RAMS boards in strategic locations, Amey is setting new standards for project safety and communication.

Transforming Project Sites with RAMS boards

Amey’s decision to integrate RAMS boards into their operations has brought about a significant improvement in safety communication and project management efficiency. Here’s how Amey is leveraging RAMS boards across various projects:

AMEY Project LocationProject DescriptionSafety Enhancements Delivered by RAMS boards
Highways England, LeedsRoadside safety and worker awareness in highway maintenanceEnhanced roadside safety and awareness
Fort Widley Substation, HampshireSafety protocols in high-voltage power substationsStringent safety measures in electrical environments
Heathwall SPS, LondonSafety in sewer pump station projectsElevated safety standards in urban settings
Nelson Court, StaffordshireTechnology park developmentsClear safety communication where innovation meets construction
Pelham Substation, HertfordshireElectrical infrastructure projectsSafe execution with effective on-site communication
Bicester North Grid Substation, OxfordshireEnergy distribution projectsSafety in critical energy distribution efforts
East Claydon Grid Substation, BuckinghamshireElectrical grid expansionsEnhanced safety oversight in grid expansion projects
West Hyde Substation, RickmansworthConstruction and maintenance of utility servicesPromotion of a safety culture in vital utility projects
AMEY projects using RAMS boards

The Value Added by RAMS boards

RAMS boards serve as a central point for displaying crucial safety information, risk assessments, and method statements specific to each project. Their presence on Amey’s project sites supports a culture of transparency, accountability, and continuous learning. By making safety information readily accessible and visually prominent, Amey not only ensures compliance with health and safety regulations but also fosters an environment where safety is everyone’s priority.

Looking Forward

The cooperation between Amey and RAMS boards is a testament to both entities’ dedication to improving the infrastructure landscape with a keen focus on safety and efficiency. As Amey continues to undertake critical projects across the UK, the use of RAMS boards underscores a forward-thinking approach to project management, ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of every operation.

This partnership not only enhances the safety and efficiency of Amey’s projects but also serves as a model for others in the industry, demonstrating the tangible benefits of integrating innovative safety solutions in construction and infrastructure development. All it takes is for your dedicated Quantity Surveyor (QS) to drop a quick purchase order (PO) to [email protected], and voilà, we’re all set. This streamlined approach ensures that your projects benefit from the critical safety and communication advantages that RAMS boards bring, keeping your sites safe and your teams well-informed with minimal fuss.