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Colas: Building Sustainable Transport Infrastructure Globally

Colas, headquartered in the vibrant city of Paris, France, is a frontrunner in the construction, infrastructure, and transportation industry, with a formidable global presence and a vast spectrum of expertise. As a subsidiary of the Bouygues Group, this powerhouse contributes significantly to the development and maintenance of sustainable transport infrastructure, playing a crucial role in connecting communities worldwide.

Colas S.A. OverviewDetails
NameColas S.A.
IndustryConstruction, Infrastructure, and Transportation
HeadquartersColas SA is located 1, rue du Colonel Pierre Avia 75015, Paris, France
DescriptionA global leader in building and maintaining sustainable transport infrastructure solutions, with expertise across various sectors and a significant international presence.
Key Business AreasRoads: Highways, urban roads, airport runways
Railways: Track infrastructure for railways, tramways, metros
Materials Production: Quarries, bitumen, and asphalt plants
Waterproofing: Structures such as bridges, tunnels
Specialty Projects: Racetracks, ports, industrial platforms
Value PropositionGlobal Presence: Operations in over 50 countries
Commitment to Innovation: R&D centers focusing on sustainable materials, recycling, road safety
Focus on Sustainability: Solutions that reduce environmental impact
Full-Service Offering: Services from design and construction to maintenance
Target ClientsGovernment Agencies & Municipalities: For public infrastructure development
Industrial Clients: For industrial facilities, logistics platforms
Transportation Operators: For infrastructure requirements
Additional NotesPart of the Bouygues Group: A subsidiary of a large French industrial conglomerate
Emphasis on Employee Development: Investment in employee well-being and development
Colas S.A. Overview

Key Business Areas

  • Roads: Colas leads in designing, constructing, and maintaining a comprehensive range of road networks, including highways, urban roads, and airport runways.
  • Railways: The company extends its expertise to the rail sector, managing the construction and upkeep of standard railways, tramways, and metros.
  • Materials Production: With operations in quarries, bitumen, and asphalt plants, Colas ensures a steady supply of essential materials for its construction activities.
  • Waterproofing: Offers innovative solutions for the waterproofing of critical structures like bridges, tunnels, and buildings.
  • Specialty Projects: Capable of delivering on complex projects such as racetracks, ports, and industrial platforms, showcasing their versatility and engineering prowess.

Value Proposition

  • Global Presence: With operations spanning over 50 countries across five continents, Colas brings a blend of international experience and localized knowledge to every project.
  • Commitment to Innovation: The company’s dedicated R&D centers spearhead advancements in sustainable materials, recycling technologies, and enhancing road safety.
  • Focus on Sustainability: Colas is committed to reducing environmental impacts, promoting circular economies, and supporting biodiversity through its sustainable solutions.
  • Full-Service Offering: Clients receive comprehensive services throughout the project lifecycle, encompassing design, construction, and maintenance phases.

Colas SA Integrates RAMS boards to Enhance Safety and Efficiency in Major Projects

Colas SA, a Paris-based global leader in the construction, infrastructure, and transportation sectors, has taken a significant step forward in bolstering on-site safety and operational efficiency by integrating RAMS boards into its pivotal projects. Known for its comprehensive expertise in developing sustainable transport infrastructure, Colas SA’s adoption of RAMS boards, especially in prominent locations such as COLAS RAIL LTD, 22A Network Rail Yard-Juniper Crescent, Camden NW1 8HA, and North Pole Depot, London, W10 6AU, marks a new chapter in its commitment to project excellence and safety.

Driving Safety and Sustainability Forward

rams safety board construction orange
rams safety board construction orange

RAMS boards, recognized for their robust and versatile design, serve as centralized information hubs, significantly enhancing on-site safety awareness and adherence to protocols. This innovative tool aligns perfectly with Colas SA’s core values of sustainability and innovation, providing a practical solution to the challenge of efficient safety communication in dynamic project environments.

The Strategic Importance of RAMS boards in Colas SA Operations

At strategic locations such as the Network Rail Yard in Camden and the North Pole Depot in London, the introduction of RAMS boards is set to revolutionize how safety and operational information is communicated to the workforce. These sites, critical to the UK’s rail infrastructure and known for their complex operational requirements, will benefit from the streamlined dissemination of safety notices, compliance documentation, and project updates.

Key Benefits Include:

RAMS boards adoption Benefits for ColasDescription
Enhanced Safety CommunicationsCentralizes and streamlines safety notices and protocols, ensuring every worker is informed, thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of incidents on-site.
Sustainability in PracticeRAMS boards are eco-friendly, aligning with Colas SA’s commitment to environmental stewardship and promoting sustainable practices in project operations.
Operational EfficiencyStreamlines the dissemination of critical information, reducing delays and enhancing overall productivity by keeping the workforce aligned and informed.
Innovation and ValuesDemonstrates Colas SA’s commitment to leveraging new technologies and sustainable solutions, reflecting their core values of innovation and environmental responsibility.
Workforce EmpowermentEmpowers employees by providing easy access to safety information and training materials, fostering a knowledgeable and safety-conscious work environment.
Community EngagementImproves how project information is communicated to the surrounding community and stakeholders, building trust and transparency.
Cost-effectivenessBy minimizing delays and streamlining communication, RAMS boards contribute to cost savings by preventing costly operational inefficiencies.
Crisis Management EfficiencyEnhances the ability to rapidly disseminate critical information during emergencies, improving site safety and response times.
Regulatory ComplianceFacilitates easier compliance with health and safety regulations, ensuring all required notices and documentation are conspicuously displayed and up to date.
Project VersatilityThe adaptability of RAMS boards to various environments and project types makes them an ideal solution for Colas SA’s diverse project portfolio.
Long term benefits for Colas by adopting RAMS boards

A Model for the Industry

Colas SA’s integration of RAMS boards into its operations exemplifies the company’s forward-thinking approach and global leadership in the construction industry. By enhancing the safety and efficiency of its project sites, Colas SA not only sets new standards for operational excellence but also demonstrates a profound commitment to the well-being of its workforce and the sustainability of its projects.


The adoption of RAMS boards across Colas SA’s projects, including notable sites like COLAS RAIL LTD’s locations in Camden and London, is a testament to the company’s innovative and proactive approach to project management. This strategic move underscores Colas SA’s role as a leader in the global construction sector, committed to improving construction site safety, sustainability, and efficiency. As Colas SA continues to transform landscapes and connect communities, its partnership with RAMS boards stands as a beacon of its dedication to safety, environmental responsibility, and operational excellence. At RAMS boards, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Colas S.A., a renowned leader in the construction, infrastructure, and transportation sectors. Our mission to streamline the acquisition of essential safety equipment for construction sites aligns perfectly with Colas S.A.’s commitment to safety and efficiency. Obtaining a RAMS Board for a Colas S.A. project is both straightforward and streamlined; it requires just a simple step from the Quantity Surveyor (QS) – sending a purchase order (PO) to [email protected]. This smooth and efficient process guarantees that RAMS boards, crucial for upholding site safety and enhancing communication, are readily available for Colas S.A.’s diverse range of projects. We are delighted to support Colas S.A. in their dedication to maintaining exceptional standards of safety and information management across their operations.