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Costain PLC and RAMS boards: A Partnership Driving Construction Excellence Across the UK

Costain Group PLC, a hallmark of innovation in the UK’s infrastructure sector, has been instrumental in sculpting the nation’s landscape with cutting-edge, sustainable solutions. With a rich heritage spanning over a century and a half, Costain has emerged as a trusted partner for government bodies and leading corporations, dedicated to addressing the modern challenges of infrastructure and environmental sustainability.

Company Overview

NameCostain Group PLC
IndustryConstruction and Engineering
HeadquartersMaidenhead, United Kingdom
Key Business AreasTransportation, Water, Energy, and Defense
Costain Group PLC overview

Key Areas of Expertise

Costain Key Area of ExpertiseDescription
Transportation InfrastructureCostain plays a critical role in modernizing the UK’s transport network with major road constructions, rail projects like HS2, and airport infrastructure enhancements.
Water SolutionsThe company is adept at building secure clean water supplies, addressing flood risks, and delivering innovative wastewater treatment technologies.
Energy TransitionCostain is at the forefront of decarbonization, working on projects in nuclear power, renewables, and carbon capture to advance the UK’s green energy transition.
Defense SolutionsProviding critical infrastructure tailored to meet the UK’s defense and security needs, Costain offers specialized solutions to support national security initiatives.
Costain Key Area of Expertise

This table encapsulates Costain Group PLC’s diverse expertise across multiple sectors, demonstrating their comprehensive approach to addressing the UK’s infrastructure challenges with innovative, sustainable solutions.

Costain’s Business Approach

Smart DeliveryCostain leverages technology and innovation to ensure projects are delivered efficiently, with a keen focus on environmental sustainability.
Collaborative SpiritThe company excels in building robust client relationships and forming joint ventures, essential for seamless project execution.
SustainabilityEmbracing sustainable practices, Costain aims to create projects with lasting positive impacts on communities and the environment.
Comprehensive ServicesCostain offers end-to-end services, covering every phase of infrastructure projects from concept to asset management, ensuring high standards.
Proven Track RecordTheir vast experience in handling complex infrastructure projects solidifies Costain’s position as an industry leader.
Technology-DrivenBy adopting digital advancements, Costain optimizes project design, construction, and operations, enhancing efficiency.
Commitment to a Better FutureDedicated to sustainable and socially responsible practices, Costain’s approach aligns with the changing needs of society and the environment.
Costain’s Business Approach

In the intricate world of UK infrastructure development, the collaboration between RAMS boards and Costain Plc stands out as a beacon of innovation, safety, and efficiency. Costain, a leading UK-based construction and engineering company, has been at the forefront of shaping the nation’s infrastructure for over 150 years. Their commitment to transforming the UK’s landscape through complex, sustainable projects is perfectly complemented by RAMS boards’ mission to enhance site safety and communication. Together, they exemplify a partnership that not only builds infrastructure but also fosters safer, more informed construction environments.

RAMS boards: Enhancing Safety and Communication

At the heart of this partnership is the deployment of RAMS boards across Costain’s projects. These versatile notice boards play a crucial role in maintaining high safety standards and ensuring effective communication on site. Whether it’s at the Tenterden Water Treatment Works or the Weirwood Water Supply Work, RAMS boards provide a centralized platform for displaying safety protocols, emergency contacts, and project updates, thereby significantly contributing to the overall well-being and efficiency of the workforce.

A Synergy of Values and Goals

The collaboration between RAMS boards and Costain is rooted in a shared commitment to sustainability, safety, and community well-being. Costain’s approach to business, emphasizing smart delivery, collaborative spirit, and sustainability, resonates with RAMS boards’ goal to create safer construction environments through innovative solutions. This synergy not only enhances project outcomes but also aligns with the broader objective of building a sustainable future for the UK.

Notable Projects and Their Impact

tideway cvb secondary white lock up
tideway cvb secondary white lock up

The partnership has been instrumental in several key projects across the UK, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of RAMS boards in different construction environments:

  • CMDP at Eastbourne Water Treatment Works: Showcasing how integrated solutions can support vital water infrastructure while prioritizing environmental and community safety.
  • London Power Tunnels Project: Illustrating the role of effective communication in managing complex energy infrastructure projects within urban settings.
  • Tideway East Projects: Highlighting the importance of safety and information dissemination in large-scale environmental projects aimed at revitalizing London’s historic sewer system.
Costain PLC Project NameLocationRAMS boards Benefits
A14 Integrated Delivery Mobilisation TeamBedford, MK41 7PHStreamlines communication for a large, multi-disciplinary team, ensuring safety and project updates are centrally accessible.
TIDEWAY│EASTAldgate, London EC3N 2EXEnhances environmental compliance and safety awareness in critical waterway projects.
CVB Project OfficeBermondsey, London, SE16 4XLFacilitates efficient project coordination and safety management in urban construction settings.
CMDP c/o, Eastbourne Water Treatment WorksEastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6LWSupports water treatment projects with clear safety instructions and regulatory compliance information.
Tenterden WTWTenterden, TN17 4QZProvides crucial safety and operational updates for water treatment facilities, promoting environmental protection.
London Power Tunnels ProjectWillesden Junction, London, NW10 6UQCentralizes safety protocols for high-risk energy projects, enhancing worker and community safety.
WEIRWOOD WSWForest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5HTImproves site safety in sensitive environmental areas, ensuring sustainable construction practices.
Costain LtdEley Estates, London, N18 3BHOffers a platform for safety communication and project updates in engineering and construction offices.
CVB JV Tideway East, Greenwich Pumping StationGreenwich, London, SE10 8JLStreamlines safety and environmental management for essential water infrastructure projects.
CVB JV Tideway East, Earl Pumping StationChilton Grove, London, SE85DYEnhances communication and safety oversight in critical urban infrastructure upgrades.
Costain Skanska Joint Venture, National Temperence HospitalHampstead Road, London, NW1 2LSSupports complex healthcare infrastructure projects with comprehensive safety management tools.
Costain Skanska JV – HS2 Enabling WorksEuston, London, NW1 2LTFacilitates large-scale rail project coordination and safety compliance, promoting efficient workflow.
COSTAIN Ltd, Huntingdon Compressor StationStonely, St Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 5NXEnhances operational safety and efficiency in energy sector projects, ensuring critical infrastructure protection.
CSJV, Europa StudiosActon, London, NW10 6NDEnhances project coordination and safety oversight in an urban construction environment.
COSTAIN, Peterborough Gas Compression StationPeterborough, PE6 7LWProvides critical safety and operational information for high-risk energy projects.
Costain Skanska JV, Senator InternationalKings Cross, London, NW1 2EAFacilitates communication and safety management in complex urban redevelopment projects.
Broomfield Banks Water Treatment WorksDover, Kent, CT15 7ABSupports environmental compliance and safety in essential water treatment operations.
CSJV HS2 EW South, UCL OfficeEuston, NW1 2PSCentralizes safety protocols for large-scale infrastructure projects, enhancing worker awareness.
CSJV Offices, MSD Dews LaneIckenham, Uxbridge, UB9 6LSPromotes efficient project management and safety communication in utility infrastructure upgrades.
National Grid/Costain, National Grid Compressor StationFelindre, Swansea, SA5 7LUEnhances safety and operational efficiency in critical national energy infrastructure.
Costain, Derwentwater PavilionMoor Row, Cumbria, CA24 3JZProvides a platform for safety and environmental management in remote construction sites.
Costain, Blaydon Industrial ParkBlaydon-on-Tyne, Tyne & Wear, NE21 5ABFacilitates communication and safety oversight in industrial and commercial development projects.
Skanska Costain Strabag S1 Joint Venture, Mandeville Road ShaftEaling UB5 4NAEnhances coordination and safety in complex tunneling projects under urban areas.
CMDP c/o Southern Water, Burham WSWRochester, Kent, ME1 3YASupports water infrastructure projects with essential safety and project updates.
Costain LTD, Bexwell ReservoirDownham Market, Peterborough, PE38 9LJCentralizes safety and environmental compliance information for water storage and management projects.
Skanska Costain Strabag S1 Joint Venture, Victoria Road Crossover BoxLondon NW10 6NDEnhances safety management and project coordination in critical transport infrastructure projects.
Costain PLC Projects benefiting from RAMS boards

Looking Ahead: A Future Built on Safety and Excellence

As Costain continues to lead the way in UK’s infrastructure development, the role of RAMS boards in supporting these endeavors grows increasingly significant. The partnership not only reflects a commitment to current project excellence but also sets a precedent for the future of construction safety and communication.


The collaboration between RAMS boards and Costain Plc is a testament to what can be achieved when innovation meets expertise. By integrating RAMS boards into their diverse array of projects, Costain not only enhances site safety and communication but also reinforces their position as a leader in the construction industry. Together, RAMS boards and Costain are not just shaping the UK’s infrastructure; they are setting new standards for safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the construction sector. At RAMS boards, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Costain PLC, one of the UK’s most esteemed infrastructure solutions companies. We understand the importance of acquiring essential safety equipment for construction sites effortlessly, and that’s why we’ve simplified the process for Costain. Getting a RAMS board for a Costain project site is as easy as pie. All it takes is for the Quantity Surveyor (QS) to send us a quick email with a purchase order (PO) to [email protected]. This streamlined approach guarantees that RAMS boards, essential for upholding site safety and effective communication, are readily available for Costain’s diverse range of projects. It’s our commitment to ensuring that safety and efficiency are always at the forefront, supporting Costain PLC’s dedication to excellence in every project they undertake.