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Harringtons Builders PLC and RAMS boards: Pioneering Construction Excellence with Enhanced Safety Measures

Harringtons Builders PLC OverviewDetails
Company NameHarringtons Builders PLC
IndustryConstruction and Civil Engineering
HeadquartersWembley, Middlesex, UK
DescriptionHarringtons Builders PLC is a distinguished construction company in the UK, specializing in a wide array of commercial, industrial, and residential projects. With a legacy spanning over 50 years, they are renowned for delivering projects with utmost safety, efficiency, and timeliness.
Key Services
Groundworks & Civil EngineeringProvides comprehensive solutions including site preparation, laying foundations, implementing drainage systems, earthmoving, and other essential civil engineering services.
Principal ContractingOffers end-to-end project management, overseeing construction projects from their inception to completion, and ensuring seamless collaboration with clients throughout the process.
Reinforced Concrete (RC) FramesSpecializes in the construction of reinforced concrete frames, a critical component in the structure of multi-story buildings and other complex construction projects.
Demolition & RemediationConducts safe and controlled demolition operations, including the careful management and disposal of contaminated materials, ensuring environmental safety and compliance.
Harringtons Builders PLC Overview

Harringtons Builders PLC, a stalwart in the UK’s construction and civil engineering industry, has taken a significant step forward in enhancing workplace safety and project management efficiency. This initiative involves adopting RAMS boards across their diverse portfolio of commercial, industrial, and residential projects, showcasing a commitment to safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Harringtons Builders PLC: A Legacy of Construction Excellence

Based in Wembley, Middlesex, Harringtons Builders PLC has carved a niche for itself in the construction sector with over half a century of unparalleled service. Specializing in a broad spectrum of construction activities, including groundworks, civil engineering, reinforced concrete frames, and demolition & remediation, Harringtons stands out for its comprehensive project management capabilities and a client-centric approach.

Key Services and Clientele

Harringtons’ expertise spans several key areas:

  • Groundworks & Civil Engineering: Laying the foundation for projects with precision and expertise.
  • Principal Contracting: Offering end-to-end management of construction projects, ensuring seamless execution.
  • Reinforced Concrete Frames: Building the backbone of multi-story structures with reinforced concrete.
  • Demolition & Remediation: Safely demolishing structures and managing contaminated materials with the utmost care.

Serving a wide range of clients from commercial developers to public sector entities, Harringtons has established itself as a trusted partner in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Enhancing Project Sites with RAMS boards

The collaboration with RAMS boards marks a pivotal advancement in Harringtons’ operational protocols. RAMS boards, renowned for their durability, modularity, and environmental friendliness, offer a centralized platform for displaying crucial safety information, project updates, and compliance requirements. This strategic integration brings forth numerous benefits:

BenefitImpact on Harringtons Builders PLC Projects
Centralized Safety CommunicationEnhances site safety by ensuring all personnel have easy access to updated safety protocols, crucial for maintaining high safety standards.
Sustainable Project ManagementSupports Harringtons’ sustainability goals by minimizing waste through the reusability of RAMS boards, promoting eco-friendly site management practices.
Dynamic Information SharingFacilitates real-time communication of project updates, safety notices, and compliance requirements, keeping all stakeholders informed and aligned.
Enhanced Compliance TrackingSimplifies the monitoring and documentation of safety and regulatory compliance, essential for meeting industry standards and reducing risk.
Improved Worker EngagementIncreases worker participation in safety and project management processes by providing an interactive and engaging platform for information dissemination.
Cost EfficiencyReduces the need for repetitive printing and distribution of safety and project materials, leading to significant cost savings over the project lifecycle.
Visual Project TrackingAllows for visual tracking of project milestones and safety metrics on site, enabling a clear overview of progress and safety performance.
Harringtons Builders PLC long-term benefits

A Client-Centric and Safety-Focused Approach

Harringtons Builders PLC’s adoption of RAMS boards underscores the company’s dedication to not only meeting but exceeding the highest standards of construction quality and workplace safety. This initiative reflects a forward-thinking approach to project management, ensuring that every project site is not just a hub of construction activity but a model of safety and efficiency.


As Harringtons Builders PLC continues to lead and innovate within the UK construction industry, the adoption of RAMS boards across its projects signifies a leap towards safer, more efficient, and sustainable construction practices. This collaboration exemplifies how embracing advanced safety and project management solutions can elevate the standards of construction excellence, making Harringtons Builders PLC a preferred partner for clients across various sectors. For those looking to embark on construction projects that prioritize safety, efficiency, and quality, exploring a partnership with Harringtons Builders PLC could be the key to success.

As a proud supplier for Harringtons Builders PLC, RAMS boards is delighted to streamline the acquisition process of essential safety equipment for construction sites. To secure a RAMS Board for a Harringtons project, the process is simple and efficient—requiring just a purchase order (PO) sent by the Quantity Surveyor (QS) to [email protected]. We’re committed to ensuring that our RAMS boards, crucial for upholding site safety and enhancing information sharing, are readily available and easily accessible for all Harringtons Builders PLC’s diverse projects. Our streamlined procedure guarantees that implementing top-notch safety measures is hassle-free for the dedicated teams at Harringtons.