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Are there any legal requirements for using RAMS boards in the EU?

No, there are no specific legal obligations in the European Union that mandate the use of RAMS boards. However, their use is considered a best practice in many well-known projects and by leading companies across various sectors, including construction.

RAMS boards have become a standard that is highly desired by top-tier companies due to their effectiveness in promoting safety, health, environment, and quality (SHEQ) on worksites. While not legally required, their adoption is often driven by a commitment to maintaining high safety standards and demonstrating a proactive approach to workplace safety and information dissemination. The choice of RAMS boards reflects an emphasis on clear, concise, and accessible safety and health communication, which is crucial in the construction industry and other sectors where safety is a top priority.

This makes RAMS boards a popular choice for organizations that prioritize safety and aim to adhere to industry best practices.