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Health and Safety Site Notice Board – customisable

1.055,00 € ex. VAT

Basic RAMS Board version without additional equipment.

Flat Pack Contents:

  • Main Board with transparent Polycarbonate slot at the bottom
  • 2 x Supports, that can be filled with water for ballast (70 litres each) or fixed to the ground
  • Fixings to join main board and supports (8) and concrete fixings (4)
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Marcin Nowak

(+44) 20 3532 0639

Marcin Nowak, the Managing Director at RAMS boards Ltd, embodies a profound understanding and commitment to the health and safety industry. With a robust background as a senior engineer and project manager in civil engineering and transport infrastructure projects, his experience includes significant roles at HS2, Crossrail and Transport for London, contributing to high-value projects and change in Health & Safety culture across sector.

Version comparison


Workplace SafetyStandardCustomisable
Board dimensions224 x 187 x 100 cm224 x 187 x 100 cm224 x 187 x 100 cm
Package dimensions31 x 174 x 144 cm31 x 174 x 144 cm31 x 174 x 144 cm


Workplace SafetyStandardCustomisable
Whiteboard Magnetic Whiteboard
700 mm x 500 mm
Marker and eraser included
Magnetic Whiteboard
700 mm x 500 mm
Marker and eraser included
Ear plug dispenserYes
(Plugs not included)
Eye Wash StationYesxx
Lens cleaning stationYesxx
Document Protective pocket6x A4 size6x A4 sizex
“Meet the person ...”

Sample configuration of RAMS boards



Customizable Yellow Construction Site, Health and Safety Site Notice Board

Are you looking for health and safety site information boards, that will work on your construction site? Need something that can`t be ignored? You need yellow Customized RAMS boards that you can arrange as you see fit.

So how?

Regular site information boards are most often made of ply and timber, deteriorating under bad weather conditions and needing to be replaced after 6 months. This is both bad for the environment and your pockets, plus a poor-quality object does not encourage use. Therefore, the main purpose of their existence – delivering a Health and Safety message to site staff – is lost. We feel that there is a better way, so we developed weather resistant RAMS boards, which are portable, recyclable, more sustainable and better value all round.

H&S information

Overloaded information boards are not easy to read and understand. Your RAMS board provides a clean space to clearly define what activities are currently progressing on site, delivering a clear message to personnel assigned to each task and controlling documentation, such as the Method Statement with Risk Assessment (a mandatory document in law, required prior to commencing any activity), Inspection and Test Plans, important phone numbers, construction plans etc. As risks can change on a daily basis, e.g. weather conditions, updating the board is vital.

This bright, focal point will ensure these H&S steps and procedures are always front of mind, updated and adhered to on a regular basis. We hope for our boards to become the new standard in the Manufacturing Industry.

Just as you need. Yellow Customized RAMS boards are the basic set. It consists of a board and two strong supports. You can fill them with water to increase their stability. Thanks to this, they are stable, even when standing outdoors. The supports can be placed on almost any type of ground. They work well on sand, soil, tiles, concrete, wood and other popular surfaces. An information board is placed on the supports, which is additionally equipped with one large pocket. It is located at the bottom of the board. It is important because in this pocket it is worth placing a first aid kit, which in the event of an emergency may save someone`s life.

What about the rest?

You can arrange the rest of the space on the board the way you want. You can put on it a site plan, regulations for its use, or work or cleaning schedules. You can also attach information to it with the contact numbers of company managers. Thanks to this, in the event of trouble, the right people will quickly find out about them and be able to take the next appropriate steps. What is very important in Customizable RAMS boards is that they give you a lot of freedom. You don`t have to submit to someone else`s vision. You use this board exactly the way you want.

Why yellow?

The yellow colour of the boards is most often used on construction sites. Note that most construction machinery, such as excavators or rollers, is also mostly yellow. This colour is simply assigned to work on construction sites, although there are brands that use it as their distinguishing feature. This is a good idea, because yellow is a very eye-catching colour. It is impossible to miss it. It is an energy colour that can also warn against the occurrence of danger. It is also worth mentioning here that vivid shades of yellow are very well visible also after dark. Thanks to this, you do not need strong lighting to notice the board and use it if necessary.

Temporary solutions?

Another aspect is also worth paying attention to. RAMS boards are a temporary solution when needed. This means that the H&S construction information board can be freely moved, disassembled and assembled completely, elsewhere. Thanks to this, they perfectly fit into construction works. They are also temporary. Construction moves to another part of the square, ends and starts in a completely different place. However, this is not a reason to throw away RAMS boards. They can simply be disassembled and transported to a new destination. It`s a way to save money and work. You don`t stick and organize new boards, but match the ones you already have. Are you ready to work smarter not harder with RAMS yellow boards?

You know what`s crappy about regular site information boards?

Regular boards only are made of ply and timber. After 6 months or so they

  • look terrible,
  • deteriorate under weather condition.

What value gives that kind of information board? We`ll answer that: NO VALUE AT ALL. You know what is value? Using the focal yellow basic RAMS Board to present all the most important information for you and your business. Yellow HDPE looks always fresh and focal indoor or outdoor, even better after regular jet wash.

Product features:

  • Patented design for object that will attract operatives’ attention and become reflex action with time
  • Focal point in every workplace, it is hard to “WALK BY” and not stay in front
  • Temporary works checked and comply to wind load standard when anchored
  • Designed to protect information and documents displayed from all kind of weather conditions
  • Flexibility to end user, which capture all industries and their specific needs and requirements
  • Weather resistant and UV stable material, which does not deteriorate or change colour over the time increasing lifetime of the product
  • Environmentally friendly approach – materials used during manufacturing process can be easily recycled once notice board can not be utilized on next project
  • Saves costs by its ease of transportation between places and re-usability

“Light, bright, sturdy and professional looking, the RAMS boards have sharpened our site safety notice stations.” Kevin, Project Leader

Additional information

Weight 52,75 kg
Dimensions 144 × 174 × 31 cm


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