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Jackson Civil Engineering – Pioneering Civil and Infrastructure Solutions partnering with RAMS boards

Founded in 1950 and headquartered in Ipswich, UK, Jackson Civil Engineering has emerged as a beacon of innovation and excellence within the civil engineering and construction landscape. With a robust network of regional offices spread across the UK, Jackson Civil Engineering not only prides itself on its extensive national reach but also on its deep regional roots and connections. This unique blend of local knowledge and national expertise positions the company as a leader in delivering comprehensive civil engineering and infrastructure solutions across a myriad of sectors.

Core Business Areas: Engineering the Pillars of Society

Jackson Civil Engineering’s repertoire encompasses a wide range of services, notably:

Jackson Service CategoryDescription
Infrastructure DevelopmentSpecializing in the construction and maintenance of roads, highways, bridges, and rail infrastructure, facilitating the backbone of the nation’s mobility and connectivity.
Groundworks & Enabling WorksExpertise in site preparation, including earthworks, laying the foundation, remediation, and more, ensuring projects are set on solid ground from the start.
Marine WorksAddressing the challenges of coastal and marine environments, delivering critical solutions in constructing and maintaining coastal defenses and flood protection systems.
Energy & UtilitiesFocusing on water and sewage infrastructure, waste management facilities, and energy projects, aiding the backbone of society’s functionality, ensuring sustainable utility services.
Jackson Services

What Are RAMS boards?

RAMS boards are modular, self-assembly information boards designed for the industry. They serve as centralized points for displaying essential health and safety information, including risk assessments, method statements, and emergency contacts. Unlike traditional timber or plywood boards, RAMS boards are made from durable, recycled plastic, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. Their lightweight design, ease of assembly, and resistance to weather conditions make them an ideal choice for any construction site.

Jackson Civil Engineering: Leading by Example

Jackson Civil Engineering has implemented RAMS boards across numerous sites, including projects in Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and more. This strategic move underscores Jackson’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and operational efficiency. By integrating RAMS boards into their safety management practices, Jackson Civil Engineering not only enhances site safety but also promotes environmental sustainability and cost efficiency.

RAMS boards at Jackson’s Sites:

Project LocationJackson Civil Engineering SiteRAMS Board Benefit
Woodbridge, SuffolkJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, The Avenue, IP12 4BAEnhances Site Safety by providing clear health and safety information
Little Wigborough, EssexNew Hall Farm, Copt Hall Lane, CO5 7RDImproves Efficiency with easily accessible and centralized safety documentation
Manningtree, EssexJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, C/O Jewsons Ltd, South Street, CO11 1AZFacilitates Compliance by ensuring up-to-date compliance information is displayed
Stevenage, HertfordshireJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, A602 Hertford Road Junction, SG2 8THPromotes Awareness through visible display of safety protocols and emergency contacts
Althorne, Chelmsford, EssexJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, Stokes Hall Farm, Burnham Road, CM3 6DSIncreases Engagement by making safety information more accessible and engaging for site workers
Chigwell, EssexJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, Works Access Point, M11 Between Junctions 4 and 5, IG7 6BLReduces Environmental Impact with durable materials and design for repeated use
Ipswich, SuffolkJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, Bath Street, IP2 8HNSupports Dynamic Site Conditions by allowing quick updates and changes to displayed information
Steeple Claydon, BuckinghamshireJACKSON CIVILS LTD (HS2 Comp), Perry Hill, MK18 2GJEnhances Worker Responsiveness to on-site hazards and safety reminders
Westerham, SurreyJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, Back of Clackett Lane Services, M25 Westbound, TN16 2ERFacilitates Quick Emergency Response by displaying critical emergency action plans
Quainton, BuckinghamshireJACKSON CIVILS LTD, W3W: opts.lodge.staging, Station Road, HP22 4DBPromotes a Culture of Safety by reinforcing safety as a priority on the construction site
Goddards Green, West SussexJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, West End Farm, Gatehouse Lane, BN6 9LEStreamlines Site Communication by centralizing important notices and updates
Chelmsford, EssexJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, W3W:party.tamed.extra, Eastern Approach, CM2 6PNEncourages Continuous Learning with space for educational materials on safety practices
Lyminster, West SussexJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD, W3W: passions.ever.microchip, Off the A282, BN17 7QFEnhances Visibility with its prominent placement and design, drawing attention to vital information
Stallingborough, GrimsbyJACKSON FRAMEWORKS LTD (SITE 2), W3W: skillet.stow.chef, Laporte Road, DN41 8DRImproves Site Orderliness by providing a designated area for safety and informational postings
Jackson Civil Engineering Sites benefiting from RAMS boards

Why RAMS boards are Essential for Modern Construction Sites

The construction industry is inherently risky, with constantly changing environments and a plethora of potential hazards. RAMS boards address these challenges by providing a reliable and efficient means of communicating crucial safety information, thereby fostering a culture of safety and compliance.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Jackson Civil Engineering and RAMS boards Ltd exemplifies the construction industry’s shift towards innovative, sustainable, and efficient safety solutions. By prioritizing the health and safety of their workforce through the adoption of RAMS boards, Jackson Civil Engineering not only enhances its project delivery but also sets new standards in construction site safety. For our esteemed partners at Jackson Civil Engineering, obtaining a RAMS Board for a site project is designed to be as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. We want to ensure that the vital safety and information dissemination tools provided by RAMS boards are readily accessible for all of Jackson diverse projects. Acquiring a RAMS Board for your project is simple. The process requires just one key step from the Quantity Surveyor (QS): sending a purchase order (PO) directly to us at [email protected]. This streamlined approach is part of our commitment to provide fast, reliable service, ensuring that RAMS boards, integral to maintaining site safety and effective communication, are easily available for your needs.