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VolkerRail and RAMS boards: Enhancing UK Rail Infrastructure with Premier Safety Solutions

In the heart of the UK’s bustling rail network, VolkerRail stands as a beacon of innovation, safety, and efficiency. As a premier multi-disciplinary railway infrastructure specialist, VolkerRail has carved out a niche in delivering pivotal projects that enhance the rail system’s functionality, ensuring smooth, safe, and efficient operations across the nation.

Comprehensive Expertise in Rail Infrastructure

VolkerRail’s expertise spans several critical areas of rail infrastructure, underscoring their versatility and commitment to excellence:

VolkerRail Area of ExpertiseDescription
Rail ElectrificationVolkerRail excels in the design, installation, and maintenance of overhead line equipment and power systems, driving the UK’s rail network towards a modern, electrified future.
Track Renewals and EnhancementsFrom routine maintenance to full track replacements, VolkerRail ensures the safety and efficiency of rail lines, providing uninterrupted service and enhancing reliability.
Signaling and TelecommunicationsThey install and upgrade critical systems for train control and communication networks, improving the operational integrity and safety of the rail network.
Plant and CivilsDemonstrating their broad capabilities, VolkerRail provides specialized rail plant equipment and undertakes essential civil engineering works, further contributing to the development and maintenance of the rail infrastructure.
VolkerRail Area of Expertise

The VolkerRail Advantage

VolkerRail’s approach to rail infrastructure projects is characterized by several distinct advantages:

  • Integrated Approach: Their multi-disciplinary teams ensure seamless project delivery, embodying efficiency and reducing complexity.
  • Safety Focus: With a culture deeply rooted in safety, VolkerRail prioritizes the well-being of both their workforce and the general public, ensuring that the UK’s rail infrastructure remains secure.
  • Innovative Solutions: Leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies, they are at the forefront of introducing optimized solutions for rail projects.
  • Collaborative Mindset: In partnership with Network Rail and other key stakeholders, VolkerRail consistently delivers projects on time and within budget, highlighting their commitment to collaborative success.

In the dynamic landscape of UK’s rail infrastructure development, the collaboration between VolkerRail and RAMS boards emerges as a testament to the commitment towards safety, efficiency, and innovation. VolkerRail, a leading multi-disciplinary railway infrastructure specialist, has been at the forefront of delivering essential projects that ensure the UK’s rail network operates smoothly. The integration of RAMS boards across various VolkerRail project sites exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to enhancing workplace safety and effective communication.

Pioneering Rail Infrastructure Projects

VolkerRail’s diverse capabilities in rail electrification, track renewals, signaling, telecommunications, and civil engineering projects underscore their versatility and commitment to excellence. Their expertise is vividly showcased in projects such as the C828 Ilford Yard Stabling Project, the Morgan Sindall VolkerFitzpatrick JV in Rugby, Warwickshire, and the Barking Riverside Extension. Each project highlights VolkerRail’s ability to tackle complex infrastructure challenges, ensuring the UK’s rail network remains a backbone of national transportation.

RAMS boards: A Catalyst for Enhanced Site Safety

The integration of RAMS boards at VolkerRail’s project sites brings forth a myriad of benefits, primarily focusing on safety and communication. RAMS boards serve as centralized hubs for essential safety protocols, project updates, and compliance information. This not only streamlines communication across project teams but also significantly enhances the safety standards on-site, making it an indispensable tool for modern infrastructure projects.

The Synergy of VolkerRail and RAMS boards

The collaboration between VolkerRail and RAMS boards is built on a shared vision of prioritizing safety and innovation. At sites like the Morgan Sindall VolkerFitzpatrick JV in Rugby and the Barking Riverside Extension, RAMS boards have been instrumental in maintaining high safety standards while facilitating clear and effective communication among project stakeholders. This synergy ensures that projects are not only completed with the highest safety protocols in place but also contribute positively to the efficiency and success of the UK’s rail infrastructure development.

Key Benefits Across Project Sites

  1. C828 Ilford Yard Stabling Project: RAMS boards provided a robust platform for safety communication, ensuring all personnel were informed of critical safety measures and project updates.
  2. Morgan Sindall VolkerFitzpatrick JV: At this Warwickshire site, RAMS boards enhanced project communication and safety awareness, contributing to the seamless execution of complex rail infrastructure work.
  3. Barking Riverside Extension: The use of RAMS boards facilitated effective safety management and operational communication, crucial for the success of this extensive rail extension project.


The strategic partnership between VolkerRail and RAMS boards represents a significant advancement in the way safety and communication are managed on rail infrastructure projects. By leveraging RAMS boards’ innovative solutions, VolkerRail continues to set industry standards for safety and efficiency, reinforcing their position as a leader in the UK’s rail sector. As both entities move forward, their collaboration remains a cornerstone of building a safer, more efficient, and sustainable rail network for the future. In an industry where safety and precision are paramount, the VolkerRail and RAMS boards collaboration shines as a beacon of best practice, driving the UK’s rail infrastructure projects towards unparalleled success. At RAMS boards, we are thrilled to extend our comprehensive safety and information management solutions to VolkerRail, a renowned leader in the UK’s railway infrastructure development. Procuring a RAMS board for any VolkerRail project is designed to be both straightforward and efficient. The process is simple: the only requirement is for the Quantity Surveyor (QS) to send a purchase order (PO) directly to us at [email protected]. This efficient procedure ensures that RAMS boards, crucial for upholding site safety and enhancing communication, are readily available for VolkerRail’s array of projects. Our mission is to support VolkerRail’s commitment to safety and operational excellence, ensuring that every project benefits from clear, effective safety and informational measures.