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How often do I need to update information on notice board?

There is no straight forward answer to this question. However, we will try to cover as many situations as possible. Regular maintenance of the notice board itself is essential. And check how your notice board will handle eventual changes to the ‘permanent’ information.

First of all, your information on notice board should be accurate. You ought to update your notice board once a piece of information is superseded by a new one. Updating the contact details, key people names and contact information sounds obvious, but essential to keep your notice board up to date.

If your H&S notice board displays daily hazards or risks you probably has a designated employee to keep your notice board updated daily. This is best practice, often seen at construction sites, where dynamics of works changes on daily basics.  At RAMS boards we use magnetic whiteboards, which works brilliantly to deliver that level of daily updates.

Notice boards used for task specific works will be updated usually weekly. The key pieces of information for specific tasks, as Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Inspection and Test Plans, should be reviewed on weekly basics. Once deviation is identified, the new revision should be prepared and displayed once accepted with all parties.

Fire points, especially with fire fighting equipment, needs to be checked on a weekly basis and records of those checks need to be kept in files for future reference. If any major changes to current situation occur, for instance, a change of the evacuation routes or staff assembly points, that information needs to be updated as soon as possible. Best practice also suggests to organise regular staff meetings and perform “tool box talk” on the matter.

In less dynamic environments, we suggest to check your notice boards every quarter. This should be sufficient period of time to maintain accurate information on your display area. People’s attention is often only caught because something about a notice board has changed. A3 posters are best, as they can be seen from further distance. Could someone from the office do this job? Yes, going little bit further, this could be done in rotation, between few or all members of the team. Especially if you do not have a fixed and specific structure of notice boards. This will keep them fresh, as each person could have different ideas and solutions.

It is critical for your business to keep in date policies and public liabilities. This forces you to update them at minimum yearly periods.

Should you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]