Fire Point for Your Design

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Flat Pack Contents:

  • Main Board with transparent Polycarbonate slot at the bottom
  • 2 x Supports, that can be filled with water for ballast (75 litres each) or fixed to the ground
  • Fixings to join main board and supports (8) and concrete fixings (4)
  • 1 x White fire extinguisher stand attachable to main board

External Dimensions

  • 224 cm x 187 cm x 100 cm  (H x W x D)

Internal  Display Dimensions

  • 102 cm x 146 cm x 17 cm  (H x W x D)

Carton Box Dimensions and Total weight

  • 144 cm x 174 cm x 30 cm (H x W x D)
  • 62.75 kg

Delivery time

  • up to 10 working days

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RAMS Fire Point for Your Design:

Our Fire Point can be design to hold all necessary information in case of fire emergency. Bottom holder is suitable for fire extinguishers of any type up to 9kg / 9ltr each. This mobile fire point has a robust HDPE mainframe construction and a strong metal fire extinguisher holder. All accessories are fixed to display area of the board by screws.

Values, which RAMS Fire Point delivers for You:

  • Central Fire Point that will attract operatives’ attention and become a reflex action with time
  • New Standard in Fire Safety
  • Flexibility to end user, as different projects have different needs
  • Environmentally friendly product – materials used during manufacturing process can be easily recycled
  • Sustainable product by re-using at new locations
  • Low maintenance and extended durability
  • Protection of the message and documents placed on the board
  • Mobile fire point ideal for temporary sites
  • Provides a central recognisable location for fire safety equipment
  • Durable HDPE mainframe construction with metal fire extinguisher stand
  • Suitable for fire extinguishers of any type up to 9kg/9ltr each


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4 reviews for Fire Point for Your Design

  1. Godwin Akhirebhu

    “Great product which the majority of the Site Managers and Supervisors found absolutely resourceful.
    I certainly recommend it with all joy.
    I trust these should be widely utilised on the HS2 projects as a unified baseline site safety information board.
    They have been immeasurably helpful on all the locations they were used across the Crossrail Projects as a “one-stop” access to essential Health & Safety information.” – Godwin Akhirebhu, Project Health, Safety & Principal Design Advisor, Crossrail Ltd

  2. Jeannie Oliver

    “We absolutely love the RAMS boards that we purchased. We have had great feedback from our onsite construction crews, as well as our OH&S Safety Consultant(s). We have loaded the board with safety documentation, forms and information, as required by our provincial safety rules and regulations. The boards have become that one stop destination before entering our work sites, which has been wonderful.” – Jeannie Oliver, Schneider’s Building Supplies, Canada

  3. Tamlyn Lingham

    “Fair play, brilliant set up and great tools on major projects.” – Tamlyn Lingham, Senior Site Manager at Clugston Construction Limited

  4. Casey Campbell

    “RAMS Boards are a brilliant addition to site. All site specific information is clearly displayed in one place and the water filled bases make these easy to transport around site as work progresses. Overall a great product.”- Casey Campbell, Contracts Administrator, MACE

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